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Total newbie to TCG, want to get my kids "starter decks"


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Hi all,


I'm a dad of 2 kids, boy and girl, who are showing interest in Pokemon cards.  I got my son a "yellow" deck for Christmas that I found at the mall and he loves it.  He's interested in playing the game but we need more cards in order to do so.


My daughter is also interested.  She likes the pink / fairy concepts.


I'd like to play with them and I figure I'll go with blue / water.


My question is - I'm totally lost on how to find the right "starter deck".  I try looking up "pink" or "fairy" starter deck and I have no idea if what I'm seeing is right, the names don't make sense, and I don't know if what I'm looking at is what I want.  Same thing for Blue.  I just want to get something that will work for a game (e.g.: has all the necessary cards in it), and is representing those colors, and would be aimed at a completely new player, both adult and kiddo.


Can you make any recommendations?





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Are you looking for physical decks or online decks?


Your daughter will like either the Enchanted Echo deck which runs fairy and grass types or the Resilient Life deck which runs fairy and psychic types. You can get these decks in both online and physical stores.


If your son enjoys electric types, the Burning Spark deck which runs electric and fire types will work for him. Again, you can buy these in the online store and in physical stores.


For you, the Basic Blue deck that is free with the online game is a great starter deck with a lot of strong water types. If you are looking for a physical deck that has water types, the Iron Tide and Oceans Core decks are both pretty good.


Hope this helps you out!

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You can go to Bulbapedia's tcg pages to have a look at individual cards within each of the theme decks if you want to. For example, this is the link to the Electric Eye deck page. Any theme deck you buy will have all the cards you need to play the game right away (you do need to have two decks to play!). I hope you and your kids have fun!

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