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[CARD] Greninja BREAK (BREAKpoint #41) - This card is not counted as a Stage 2 Pokémon


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There is a really annoying bug where Greninja Break does not count as a stage 2 pokemon.

This makes a deck with those two together pretty much unplayable :(


Also, not quite knowing why or how, but Greninja BKT's Moonlight Slash when it has Greninja Break card over it, it does not do more damage with Muscle Band if you choose to return 1 water energy to your hand, it still just do 80 damage.


Over all, Greninja Break seems really broken atm.

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My friend, serach through the forums before making a post xd Here are the answers to your questions:


1. http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/38035-how-come-miltanks-attack-doesnt-work/


2. http://forums.pokemontcg.com/topic/38082-card-greninja-bkt-40-moonlight-slash-does-not-calculate-damage-correctly-when-there-are-damage-modifying-tools-in-play/


To summerize,


1. BREAK cards don't count as a stage anything. They're just considered as "BREAK". They do not conserve the stage properties of its previous evolution.


2.This is a known issue. I discovered the other day that this bug isn't limited to just muscle band, but it was already known that muscle band does not work properly with Moonlight Slash.

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