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Idle players...


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So I've been playing (and still am) this pretty epic game with another player.


I was pretty much dominating most of the game, and it gets to the point where I have 1 prize card remaining and he has 3. By this point I have Serperior as active, and benched I have another Serperior, Zekrom, Flaaffy and Simisage. So I think I've pretty much got this in the bag. But he keeps retreating his Pokemon and just messing around with the field and stalling and stalling with Hitmonchan's Detect and getting really lucky flips. And he's actually stalled so much that I am now decked out. I can't defeat any of his Pokemon to get my final prize card and come next turn, I lose.


So it was a pretty exciting game in all fairness, until I reach my attacking phase and he seems to be idle....this game had already been going on for 30mins before he went idle, and has now been idle for 15minutes. He literally just has to click the playmat, pass his turn and he wins. But no.


But seriously? How long can he be idle for? How is this allowed?


Sure I can understand things happen that mean you need to leave the computer, god forbid he had an emergancy at his end. But are there no precautionary measures to stop players just starting a game and going afk until the other person concedes? Thus the idle player gaining a win?


Even if there was, why on earth is it so long? Even now, I'M getting a warning saying I'll be kicked for inactivity, and I'm still here waiting to finish the game.


Im asking alot of questions, I know, but Im still new to the game and still learning. Im tired and Im angry and I just want this game to end so I can go to bed. Sure, I could concede, but if theres potential for me to win here if he's idle for too long, I really dont want to risk it.


EDIT: So the timer (which I think is 20mins a cycle) has just done it's 3rd cycle. And nothing has happened. He hasn't been kicked for inactivity and the game hasn't changed. So Im going to be conceding right about now. I don't know if this is a bug or what because I haven't received any error messages (Which occur wayyyy too often, examples I've seen are 'Rules failed to load' like halfway through a game, 'Team is not present in Game room 1' (or something similar) like halfway through a game.) but this needs to be fixed. I realise it's still in Beta testing, so things like this are bound to happen, but this needs to be sorted.


TL;DR: Serious bugs and/or issues with player inactivity timer and the time in which players can be idle seriosuly needs to be revised. I've experienced several games involving idle players and they just get WAY too long. This needs to be looked at.


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