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2.34 Patch Notes | February 3, 2016

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Version 2.34.0

February 3, 2016



  • Pokémon TCG: XY—BREAKpoint and Generations expansions!
  • Refinements for gameplay controls and animations!
  • Support added for the XY—BREAKpoint expansion, bringing over 120 more cards to the game.
  • Support added for the special Generations expansion, bringing over 110 more cards to the game.
  • Improvements to the in-app account registration process.
  • Booster packs in the Login Bonus and Daily Challenges have been changed from 5-card packs to 10-card packs.
  • Fixes for various known bugs.
  • Players with only 1 Basic Pokémon in their opening hand will now be prompted to set up to play (it will no longer happen automatically).
  • The controls for playing Trainer and Energy cards are now used for playing Pokémon onto the Bench as well.
  • Attaching a Pokémon Tool card to a Pokémon now creates a pip with that card’s art, rather than a generic wrench icon.
  • More game information is now displayed when a Pokémon is moused over.
  • Updated the presentation of the discard pile.
  • Updated the player inactivity timer feature to help improve the pace of gameplay.
  • Replaced the Mystery Box panel on the Bonus Wheel with an Uncommon Chest panel.
  • Code cards found in physical XY—BREAKpoint booster packs and theme decks can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock digital booster packs and theme decks from the same expansion.
  • Beginning February 22, code cards found in specially marked physical products can be redeemed in the Shop to unlock digital booster packs from the Generations expansion.
  • Digital 10-card booster packs are now available in the Shop for 200 Trainer Tokens. Digital 5-card booster packs are no longer available in the Shop.
  • After this game update, the first time you redeem a code card from a physical Pokémon TCG product (excluding most promotional products), you’ll receive a one-time bonus of 2 additional tradelocked 10-card digital booster packs.
  • iOS: Users can now import codes by scanning the QR codes with their device’s outward-facing camera (iPad 3 or later only).
  • The Chat and Friend systems have been completely refactored to improve client performance and resolve a number of bugs.





  • Abilities on Pokémon now properly end when they have been discarded from play without being Knocked Out.
  • An effect generated by a Special Energy card while it is in play now properly ends when the card leaves play.
  • Effects of Pokémon Tool cards now properly reactivate when an effect that disabled them ends.
  • Stadium cards should now consistently play to the correct location on the playmat.
  • The highlighted border around a selected item no longer obscures the item’s quantity.
  • Dusknoir (BW—Plasma Blast, 104/101): The Sinister Hand Ability can no longer be used to move damage counters off of a Pokémon that has the Theta Stop Ancient Trait.
  • Empoleon BREAK (Black Star Promo, XY134): The Emperor’s Command attack now properly calculates damage based on the opponent’s Pokémon in play.
  • Evosoda (XY, 116/146): This card should now function properly with a Pokémon that can evolve on the turn it comes into play.
  • Faded Town (XY—Ancient Origins, 73/98): The effect of this Stadium now properly ends when it leaves play.
  • Florges (XY—Flashfire): The Brilliant Search attack now puts the cards selected by the user into the hand, rather than random cards.
  • Florges (XY—BREAKthrough, 103/162): The Calming Aroma Ability should now properly function in all situations.
  • Magcargo (XY, 21/146): The animations for the Magma Mantle attack now play in the proper order.
  • Piloswine (XY—BREAKthrough, 81/162): The Gathering Footsteps attack now consistently does the proper amount of damage while an effect is altering the Retreat Cost of a Swinub, Piloswine, or Mamoswine on the user’s Bench.
  • Primal Kyogre-EX (XY—Ancient Origins, 96/98): The Tidal Storm attack no longer ignores protection effects provided by Abilities on the opponent’s Pokémon.
  • Rescue Scarf (BW—Dragons Exalted, 115/124): Previous Evolutions of an evolved Pokémon are now properly returned to the hand when the effect of this card is activated, rather than being discarded.
  • Robo Substitute (XY—Phantom Forces, 102/119): This card now consistently ceases to count as a Pokémon when it leaves play.
  • Shuckle (Black Star Promo, HGSS15): The Fermenting Liquid Poké-Body now consistently functions when Energy cards are attached to Shuckle from its owner’s hand.
  • The For Trade and For Want tags are no longer removed from an item after it is received in a trade.
  • When a trade offer fails to be created for any reason, the items in that offer now properly revert to tradable.
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