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List of Cards I Am Looking For.


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As I have finally achieved getting two Secret Rare Ultra Ball's, I have set my sights on other cards now and below is a list of what I am looking for:



  • 2x Spinarak (Rev-Holo - HeartGold/SoulSilver).
  • 3x PokéGear 3.0 (Rev-Holo - HeartGold/SoulSilver).
  • 3x Junk Arm (Rev-Holo - HS-Triumphant).
  • 3x Hypnotoxic Laser (Rev-Holo - Plasma Storm).
  • 3x Virbank City Gym (Rev-Holo - Plasma Storm).



I only have 100 or so Breakthrough packs for trade so that should cover most of what I am looking for, though if it isn't enough I do have a binder full of other cards which can serve as additional options.

For the Prof. Junipers I am offering Ditto (XY40), Jirachi (XY67), Darkrai (BW73) and Giratina (BW74).


All of the cards and packs should be tagged so feel free to send offers in the game and I shall check them when I can.

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