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Dismantling my VirGen deck, building a Sceptile deck


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Like the subject says, getting rid of ol' reliable and aiming to build a Sceptile deck.


What I have to trade:

2x FA Virizion-EX

3x FA Genesect-EX


I value Virizion @ 16 packs each

            Genesect @ 10 packs each


What I need:

3x FA Sceptile-EX

2x FA M-Sceptile-EX

10x Holo BW era Grass energies


I value both EX cards @ 5 packs each

                   Grass energies @ 1 pack each



I'm not really up for a discussion about prices, I think everything is pretty straight forward. If I can't get what I need then I'll just keep on with what I have.



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Hey man you don't have the exs tagged

Totally my mistake.


The Virizions were, but you're right, the Genesects weren't. Everything should be ready now.

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