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Please add 10-card boosters to the store


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I just wanted to ask if you can add 10-card boosters instead of the 5-card boosters to the ingame-store.


Those 5 card boosters don't even contain a rare in 50% of the cases, just giving you random commons you have in masses anyways.

(Like hey, another professors letter, it's not like I already have 20 of those.)


I'd rather spend 200-350 coins for a "real" 10-card booster (that cointains a foil and a rare with 100% chance and sometimes a special energy) than wasting 95 coins on the 5-card boosters.


It would be nice to see those permanently in the shop, not only at rare occasions.






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Hi Oldschool1990,


I'll submit your feedback to the Dev team for consideration and will leave your thread open in the meantime for further discussion.


Thanks for your input! :)

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