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LF 2x fearow XY 57 FT FA N, FA juniper, SR garbodor + many more


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im aware this card it values around 30-40 standard packs


i would prefer to get both at once but will also trade for single cards as well


unfortunately i have no packs to offer but can offer the following cards:


4x pikachu ex


1x tyrantrum ex


1x N


1x juniper


1x SR blastoise


1x SR garbodore


1 x lysandre FA


1 x M mewtwo (y - psychic infinity) FA


1 x mewtwo ex (photon wave)


1x SR primal groudon Rs


1x ampherose ex fa


1 ampherose ex RA


1x articuno ex Ra


1x groudon ex Fa PC


1x hydrigon ex Ra


1x kyurem ex Ra AO


1x latios ex Fa PF


1x primal groudon Ra pc


1x sr virizion


plus many more tagged in my binder send offers here

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