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Lanturn and Candies


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Sounds yum tbh.


I just need one Lanturn Prime and two Rare Candies to finish my deck. <sub>(I kinda need a second one, but I'll be satisfied with just one).</sub> Here are a few other things I kinda want, but definitely not as much as Lanturn Prime.






Here is a list of all the stuff I have for trade. Just post everything you want that would equal out to the fair trade. If you want 20 cards for your Lanturn Prime, then go for it. I'm not going over the amount that is in blue. Sorry I don't have any primes. I had awful pulls from all the packs. ;~;


And on a completely different note, wth we can't put the letter "a" with a space in front of "fair"? How is that even anything bad? It's a perfectly fine *************< WHAT I can't even say g.r.a.m.m.a.r? With a mad oh noes face? D : < Come one now..
















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Seadra for Spoink?



Are you sure you don't need any other cards? I'll gladly take your offer, but I feel like I'm ripping you off if I only give you one common. :c Any other pokemon you'd like with Spoink?


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