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3x Rare Candy (highest need)


1x Typhlosion Prime








1x Meganium Prime


1x Mew Prime


1x Blissey Prime


1x Donphan Prime


2x Double Colorless Energy


1x Pokemon Collector


Assorted Rares and Holos




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where do we trade at? i am extremely new to this... i'm guessing i gotta go out and buy myself some pokemon cards for a code or something? (havent done that in a loooong time XD)


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it's the 60 hp vulpix right? I'll trade a random rare for them, waht do you need?




and girlgamer, there should be a guide onto trading coming out soon, just keep a look out for it! It's in the game, you need to put your binder up and people can offer you trades and vice versa


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I need your mew prime.


I'm sorry and I don't have your rare candies.


But I'll trade you packs/electrode prime/celebi prime/ gengar prime or something else off my list for it.


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