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Electrode and Voltorb from Stormfront with wrong image


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Dunno if it's alright, but did you guys notice that the #36 electrode image is switched with #37 electrode? Same with #80 Voltorb, which attacks are from #81 Voltorb, at least on the list I'm consulting. Is this a bug or is the database wrong?




<img src="http://i53.tinypic.com/qyu58h.png" alt="" />


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Yep, its the wrong picture of Voltorb....or the wrong atacks.


It should have Screech and Double Spin, or a different picture.


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Nice catch!


If you find any more issues like this, don't be shy. Send them on over to support@pokemon.com with as much information as you can give:


* Which Trainer were you battling?


* Which card image was showing?


* Which card image should it be?


* How often does the card appear this way?




Other important, general details when reporting an issue include


* A Summary of the Problem You Encountered


* What you did to make it happen (steps leading up the the problem experienced)


* Location of the Problem Encountered (in game, website, avatar creator, etc)


* The Internet Browser you are Using (Chrome, I.E., Firefox, Opera?)


* Your Operating System (Windows XP, Mac?)


* Lastly, if you are able to get screenshots of the issue.




We can compile these issues and forward them to the developers to fix asap.




TCG Issues - Gotta catch em all!


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