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[CARD] M Lucario-EX (Furious Fists #55, #113) - The damage of the Rising Fist attack is calculated after an Energy is removed


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Card: M Lucario Ex

Card Number: Furious Fists 55/111, Furious Fists 113/111

Expected Action: When using Rising Fist, attack damage is calculated before removing attached Dangerous Energy card from opponent, Dangerous Energy affects M Lucario Ex before being removed. Dangerous Energy adds 2 damage counters to M Lucario Ex.

Actual Action: Rising Fist removes the Dangerous Energy from opponents pokemon before calculating damage, or Dangerous Energy is removed after calculating damage but before adding 2 damage counters to M Lucario Ex. This results in the Dangerous Energy not adding 2 damage counters to the M Lucario Ex.

Steps to Reproduce: Attach a Dangerous Energy to a pokemon being attacked by M Lucario Ex, choose that Dangerous Energy to be removed with the attack.

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I think that Dangerous Energy's effect only happens after the entire attack is finished.  Since the energy was removed before the attack finished, the effect did not activate.

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Hello GoWayaKun,


I just tested this, and it is working as intended. The Dangerous Energy is discarded, so its effect isn't activated. As this isn't a bug, I'll close this thread.


Thanks for your understanding! :)

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