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[GAME] General - Discard Pile problem after opponent took last card from the page with Junk Arm where I was looking


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Today I came into a very strange game error.


I played an unlimited game where the opponent had quite a lot cards played on turn 1, and then I decided to have a look at their discard pile.


I saw the first 10 cards, then I clicked on the right arrow (this ugly view really annoys then) on the bottom so that I could saw the next 10 cards, then I went onto the last page - where just one card (so the 21st) was - namely the Scoop Up Cyclone Ace Spec card. The opponent played a Junk Arm what I saw in the background and took this last card (the Scoop Up Cyclone) from the page out.


Now I saw an empty page of the discard pile. On the bottom were the buttons with the left arrow >> ("go back one page") and the 'done' button which usually closes the discard pile view (the 3rd button for going forward obviously can't exist on the last page). However after clicking on done nothing happened. I couldn't leave the discard pile view of the now empty last 3rd page. I tried then by clicking on the "go back-arrow"-button but it didn't changed. In the meantime the opponent played some more cards (of which though none were added on this last page of the discard pile view [this is not the point here]). I was able to follow the game to its best with the opened window of the discard pile that takes a lot of space of the game area when you look at it.


Eventually my opponent played the Seeker supporter and I was forced to take one of my two benched Pokémon back into my hand. But I couldn't do anything because I still was locked in the discard pile view for nothing and clicking on all possible button and both the benched Pokémon didn't help the cause here and I had to concede the game.


This was very strange - that the game breaks when one card goes from the only page in the discard pile.

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Hello Mefftu!


We've been unable to reproduce this, but since there have now been multiple reports of similar issues, I've submitted them to the Dev team for investigation. We appreciate your patience while they work on locating and fixing the issue! :)


In the meantime, if you're able to get any screenshots of this, we'd appreciate if you could send those to us via support ticket (link in my signature)!


Thanks for your report!

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