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Greninja/Miltank XY Standard


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Hey guys! So after playing the online game for a few months now (I think I started with actual decks since September) I got the urge to play in real life, unfortunately, I have a very thin budget (as thin as possible) therefore, I needed a deck that, while it may not win championships, I could have fun with it and at least net some wins. Currently, I'm not looking to win Nationals or qualify for worlds but one day, I hope that isn't just a dream. Anywho, enough about me and let's get to the deck:

I wanted to play something cheap, as I said, but something fun too and something that has a chance against good enough decks. I didn't do much research as to any really good budget decks but the only 2 decks I was torn from was Wob/Bats and Greninja/Miltank. Both didn't need Shaymin to be just as good (and we'll discuss why Shaymin is bad in these decks IMO) and both were relatively cheap, $1~ for the main attacker $2~ for the supporter mon. The reason I chose the latter though was cause I love Greninja! He's my favourite gen 6 pokemon and I started with him when I played X&Y. Also, it was a bit cheaper (didn't need a 4-4-4 line like bats). So, I quickly built this deck on PTCGO and ripped off a deck and made some heavy, heavy changes (the list was expanded and quite old). After quite a few battles and changes here and there, I decided on the following list:

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

Pokémon - 16

4 Miltank FLF 83

4 Froakie KSS 12

2 Frogadier XY 40

3 Greninja XY 41

2 Remoraid BKT 32

1 Octillery BKT 33

Trainer Cards - 36

2 Professor Birch's Observations PRC 159

1 Switch PRC 163

2 Ultra Ball DEX 102

1 Super Rod NVI 95

1 Skyla BCR 149

1 Fisherman BKT 136

1 Float Stone BKT 137

1 Professor's Letter XY 123

1 Teammates PRC 160

3 VS Seeker ROS 110

1 Brigette BKT 161

2 Parallel City BKT 145 - Temp in place of Faded Town

3 Energy Retrieval AOR 99

3 Muscle Band XY 121

1 Lysandre FLF 104

2 Dive Ball PRC 125

3 Rare Candy PRC 135

4 Professor Sycamore XY 122

3 Trainers' Mail AOR 100

Energy - 8

8 Water Energy

Total Cards - 60

****** Deck List Generated by Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******

Total Cost: ~$80

So, I'll talk about my deck choices:

4 Miltank, 4-2-3 Greninja, 3 Rare Candy

4 Miltank is self-explanatory, as for the Greninja line, it's definitely weirder than most peoples. I tried this line with many different combinations and this one works the best for me. 4 Froakies since usually I have to sacrifice 1 mon in the beginning or bad prizes and of course for consistency. 2 Frogadier since I'm expecting Vileplume/Toad/Trevenant and I just can't afford to not setup any Ninjas. Either way the only other viable sub is Rare Candy and 4 is too clunky for me. I like evolving 1 Greninja via Rare Candy and then 1 through Frog on the second turn since its very hard to get 2 Grens + 2 Candies in turn 2. Also when people start taking out your Gren line then those Frogs help since thats 2 extra evolution possibilities with Super Rod (Rodding 2 Greninjas and if you used all 3 Candies). 4 Greninjas would be nice but it sometimes clogs the hand and I have to discard it then don't rod it back and it seems useless. If you get 4 Greninjas out at the same time then there's a problem (imo) as well as the energy cost will be too extensive. The ideal field is 3 Ninjas, 1 Active Miltank, 1 Benched Miltank and 1 Octillery. 4 Rare Candy, I've found is too clunky, 3 is the perfect amount, at least for me.

2-1 Octillery

I would like more than anything to take this Remoraid out and put in a Manaphy PRC (I can never attack turn 2 with Miltank for 80+ if I'm going second so this little bugger would be great to come in and give me a fresh hand when I have no evo's. Another thing is his second attack for late game lets you free up Rod for energies/Miltank or if you discarded Rod early on. However, I haven't tested it yet and I feel that prizing a Remoraid is really really bad. It happened twice since testing and both games I either lost or it was too close for comfort. If I face a good deck then it'll definitely be a super uphill battle. Of course adding a second Octillery would be ideal but I just couldn't fit it.

4 Sycamore, 2 Birch, 1 Teammates, 3 VS Seeker, 1 Brigette 3 Trainers Mail

Most people like to use max 2 Sycamores for stage 2 decks but my place style just isn't like that. I need 4. I opted for Birch over Shauna since I hate Shauna, Birch is great with Octillery, if you flip heads you have a large hand, if you flip tails you can always draw back up. I had a judge in here but took it out since without Oct on field its worse on you than your opponent. Teammates is amazing late game and since you have to expect your Tank is KO'd every turn this card wouldn't be traded out for anything. Brigette is amazing, in a perfect world I would run 4 however thats just inefficient. If you can get a turn 1 (2 if you have a really bad start) then you pretty much already have a huge advantage. Obviously without Compressors, running more than 1 wouldn't be good so 1's all I can spare. The more I play the more I tend to run less VS Seeker, there's just so many times when it clogs your hand and tbh with this deck I usually have 1/2 VS Seekers towards the end of the game anyway, I definitely won't play more (or less) than 3, not to mention it costs $6 ********** Trainers Mail are perfect for fishing out supporters/candies/etc and I would have liked the 4th but I had to cut out somewhere.

1 Lysandre, 1 Fisherman 1 Skyla

Lysandre almost never sees play in this deck for some reason (at least the way I see it). Both these cards usually are only used towards the end-game when you have the need to get back energies or when you're taking out that Shaymin. The 1 Skyla is just in case you need that Muscle Band/Letter/Retrieval/Candy when you can afford not to Sycamore/Birch since I do find myself with a really low deck every game (5-10 cards). I definitely wouldn't even consider running more than 1.

2 Ultra Ball, 2 Dive Ball

Tbh I wanted a 2/3 split but didn't have the 3rd Dive Ball and was just too lazy to trade for it however I really like the 2/2. I usually use both Dive Balls and 1 Ultra Ball (might swap the UB with a Repeat/Dive Ball but it's nice to have to discard Brigettes or other useless stuff late game) and am never clunked up with Balls. A third Dive Ball might be worth it but for now this is what I'm running.

1 Float Stone, 1 Switch

I've never been a fan of having 2 Switch/2 Rope/1 Stone etc. I like to keep it simple. 1 Switch in case you're statused or bad start. 1 Stone usually to be slapped on that Octillery ASAP. I noticed nobody really runs Megaphone these days but I might add another Stone when XY9 comes out.

3 Muscle Bands 2 Faded Towns

Someone suggested I use 2 but the math just works with 3. Again, in a perfect world I'd like 4 but then there's the problem of clunkiness. I'll tell you why Muscle Bands are so important. Banded Tank OHKO's most basic Non-EXs with 1 Shuriken (Yveltal/Xerneas/Regice/Articuno etc). Without the band you have to dedicate ONE WHOLE Shuriken for 10-20 damage against a NON-EX. Also against EX's, Muscle Band 2HKO's EX's without any Shurikens and he 2HKO's any Mega with 1 Shuriken (besides M Ttar **** who plays that). The Faded Towns are just to make it all the more easier to KO Megas. You can 2HKO current playable Mega's without any Shuriken and just 1 Town Turn with a Muscle Band. Also a really big problem with this deck is M Mane/Articuno. I usually rely on them having to take 6 prizes and Articuno OHKO's Miltank with 2 Heads. They also take advantage of Rough Seas so having that counter as well as nullifying the Seas is why I chose Faded Town. Of course, Parallel City (what I'm running now) and Silent Lab are good options too.

3 Energy Retrievals, 1 Super Rod, 1 Professors Letter

Again, 4 Retrievals would be ideal as I've seen in 1 or 2 decklists but it just clunks up the deck and with Fisherman and Super Rod it's not so much a problem. 3 is a perfect amount and usually only use them at the end. Sometimes I do get 2 in hand and have to Retrieve 1 energy so that does suck, with 4 I can only imagine it being worse. 1 Letter is obvious, I had 2 in the original list but decided to cut it, 1 works fine to be honest especially when you can teammates for a letter and retrieval and have a pseudo-Fisherman. I had Sacred Ash first but changed it out even though I have the means to retrieve energies easily. The Rod just helps when you don't wanna clunk up your deck with that 4th Froakie or 2nd Remoraid after having setup and all you want is a couple Miltanks, then you can just nab an extra Energy and that ability to be more versatile is why I chose it.


8 Water Energy

Obviously to attack and use Water Shuriken, you need Water Energy, thats what makes Miltank so great, that it attacks with ONLY 1 colourless and thefore you save energy when attacking for the Greninja's. This deck wouldn't be nearly as good without Miltank. I found 8 Energies are the perfect amount and 10 is too much, I haven't tried any less but I doubt anything below 8 will be good enough. I think 8 is the sweet spot and I have no intention of changing this until Greninja BREAK comes out.


Anyway, that's my long deck review. I can say, that I have had some good matchups against M Rayquaza/M Mewtwo since I get to KO them for 2 Prizes in 2 hits and they KO me for 1 in 1 hit. That leaves me able to Shuriken some crucial damage and even though it might seem even, I'd say that M Ray/Mewtwo is definitely favourable. Manectric/Houndoom are a bit tougher since they have some techs (Articuno/Bats) that will obviously make their matchup more evenly matched, I'm not too sure how good Faded Town will be but currently it's an unfavourable matchup. Night March is a great matchup, once you get out even 1 Ninja it's pretty much over. The ability to OHKO all Marchers without Muscle Band and one energy as well as take out Joltiks in 1 hit (and Pumkaboo in 2) with Shuriken is too good. Topped with the fact that they can't Lysandre easy 2 prizes, this matchup is almost an auto-win unless you draw really really bad (hoping to face these if I ever make it to a Cities). Toad/Plume/Trevenant are all bad if you can't setup enough Ninjas and you can't get energies without Fisherman so it is very difficult, however Miltank/Plume and Toad have troubles with dealing OHKO's (and even 2HKO's) on Miltank so sometimes just attacking can net the win if you have atleast 1 Ninja up. These are all very tough matchups but as I said this is more a fun budgetty deck to take to league and not expected to win championships, however don't underestimate Greninja! I dare say that once you have 3 Ninjas and enough Energy, this deck is close to unbeatable (given some circumstances of course).


EDIT: Sorry if the spacing is weird or some sentences sound weird, I had to adjust based on the awesome user-friendly forum that censors random stuff and changes the format, hope it's still easily readable.

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I played a simmilar deck but i ran a 3-2-4 line for ninja couse i played archies ace in the hole and 4 ultra balls i wanted to bench as much ninjas as i could and when u activate 3 shurikens and atk with milktank can hit *** the just retrive energies and repeat

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You must have run Shaymins then, I just don't like Archies in this kind of deck without Superior Energy Retrieval and when you need multiple Stage 2s and stuff. And Octillery really helps this deck. Would you mind posting your list?

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I like the idea of this deck, but Garbador will be coming out in BREAKpoint. So maybe add a couple hex maniac!


Umm... you see the problem with this right????

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Umm... you see the problem with this right????

XD maybe he meant Megaphones which I will add in a couple like most people with ability focused decks will do.

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XD maybe he meant Megaphones which I will add in a couple like most people with ability focused decks will do.


Yah sorry I meant startling megaphones, lol!

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