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List of Real Booster with a Reedem code ?


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Hi, hum first of all iam sorry in advance for my bad english^^.




I stop play pokémon cards since some years now, but when TCGO came i finally decide to jump in. I decide to buy some booster Online but i don't know what of them have a reedem code, i can buy some of them like : Black and White : Call of legend / Black and White / HeartGold Soulsilver Undaunted and their Deck equivalent. Are their all part of "redeemable" or only the "black and white" contain a code ?


I can only buy them online but i don't know which of them have code.


(You should also dress a list of all deck/booster with pictures for help player who want to buy them online^^ it will be really appreciate^^.)


Thanks in advance


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Hello Trainer,




At this time the only booster packs or theme decks that contain a code to be redeemed in our online shop are from the BLW1 and BLW2 series. You can be sure that the pack/deck you are buying contains a code card when you see this symbol on the packaging:




<img src="https://s5.parature.com/FileManagement/Download/3f21ee40606449e7b5187cc321941d2b" style="width: 104px; height: 104px;" alt="" />


Please note that Emerging Powers booster pack codes will not be activated until August 30th, however Theme Decks can be redeemed now!




If you have any additional questions you can always feel free to submit a support query via support.pokemon.com for individualized assistance, or update this thread!










<img src="http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m481/prof_light/Water-attack.png" alt="" />


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Thanks but i know about this logo^^ but when you buy online cards booster, you can only see the fornt picture of the booster or deck, that why i request more precisely the exact Name/ Picture of that deck/booster wich have redeem code inside. So i think if you can dress a list of that booster name (they have unique name^^) it will be really appreciate.


And so if "only" the Black and White series contain them (all ?), the booster "B&W - Call of Legend" contain it for sure right ?






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Call of legends does not have them. Some B&W packs have them email whoever you are buying from to make sure. Emerging Powers all have them. Also the Red Frenzy, Green Tornado, Blue Assault, Toxic Tricks, and Power Play decks all have codes. Any other deck will not.


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