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2.33 Known Bugs | December 17th, 2015


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This thread contains a collection known bugs in version 2.33 of the Pokémon TCG Online. These issues have been logged into the bug tracking database and will be resolved by the development team in order of severity.


If you have encountered an issue that does not appear in this thread, please report the it via the Report a Game Bug area of the forums, or the Pokémon Support Portal.

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Last updated: January 19, 2016

  • Aromatisse (BKT #106): A negative status indicator is not placed on a Pokémon affected by the Heavy Perfume attack.
  • Audino (BCR #126): Several graphical issues occur when using the Busybody Ability while playing Audino from the hand.
  • Crushing Hammer (EPO #92): In the Portuguese client, this card's flavor text and the general Item Card description are swapped.
  • Dedenne (FFI #34): The attacks on this card are displayed in the wrong order when choosing an attack.
  • Empoleon BREAK (XY134): The Emperor's Command attack is calculated based on the number of Pokémon the Active player has instead of the Defending player.
  • Evosoda (XY #116): This card cannot be used to evolve Caterpie (FLF #1) or Metapod (FLF #2).
  • Faded Town (AOR #73): The effect of this card remains when it has been removed from play. This card has been temporarily banned until the issue can be resolved.
  • Florges (BKT #103), Florges BREAK (BKT #104): The effect of the Calming Aroma Ability is doubled when this Pokémon is removed from play and re-played.
  • Florges (BKT #103): The Calming Aroma Ability may persist after playing Hex Maniac (AOR #75).
  • Florges (BKT #103): The effect of the Calming Aroma Ability may sometimes remain active after this Pokémon has been Knocked Out.
  • Forest of Giant Plants (AOR #74): When this card is put into play, Rare Candy (UL #82, DEX #100, PLB #85, PLB #105, PRC #135) cannot be played.
  • Giovanni's Scheme (BKT #138, 162): Playing this card can be undone before selecting the card's effect by clicking on the playmat.
  • Golurk (DEX #59): Cards affected by Devolution Punch attack appear diagonally in their owner's hand.
  • Hawlucha (FFI #63): A superfluous positive status marker is displayed on this Pokémon when the Defending Pokémon is not a Pokémon-EX.
  • Landorus (BW43): This card does not appear when the "Full Art" filter is selected.
  • Lost World (CL #81): There is no visual indicator for the number of Pokémon that each player has in the Lost Zone.
  • Manectric (PRC #61): In the German game client the Electric Shock attack incorrectly states that the opponent's Pokemon becomes Confused, rather than Paralyzed. This is a cosmetic bug and the correct Special Condition is applied when used.
  • Mewtwo-EX (NXD #54, #98, PR #BW45, LTR #54): A superfluous status marker is displayed on this Pokémon when there is no change in its status.
  • Pikachu (PR #HGSS3): Weakness and Resistance is not properly displayed in the info panel.
  • Piloswine (BKT #81): The Gathering Footsteps attack does not do any damage when there is a Float Stone (PLF #99, BKT #137) attached to a Benched Swinub.
  • Piloswine (TM #48): The coin flip animation for the Blizzard attack plays after the damage animation.
  • Random Receiver (DEX #99, PLS #138): This card may inconsistently end a player's turn.
  • Reserved Ticket (BKT #147): No animation is played when the selected card is moved to the top of the deck.
  • Robo Substitute (PHF #102): This card can be retrieved as a Pokémon via Super Rod (NVI #95, DRV #20, BKT #149).
  • Sceptile (PRC #8): Attaching Energy to Malamar-EX (PHF #58, #115) via the Nurture and Heal Ability may cause the game to soft lock.
  • Sky Field (ROS #89): The Bench does not resize when fewer than 8 Pokémon are on the Bench.
  • Spiritomb (TM #10): A notification is not presented to the opponent when the Spooky Whirlpool Poké-Power is used.
  • Spiritomb (TM #10): The game prompt for the Color Tag attack contains several graphical issues.
  • Stunfisk (BKT #56): A status effect indicator for the Revenge attack occasionally appears when the opponent has not Knocked Out one of your Pokémon on the previous turn.
  • Suicune (PLB #20): The Safeguard Ability is not consistently preventing the effects of attacks from Pokémon-EX.
  • Tauros (XY #100): The effect text for the Seething Anger attack is incorrect in the German client.
  • Tool Retriever (FFI #101): This card's effect can be ended without selecting any Pokémon Tool cards.
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Last updated: February 2, 2016


  • Cards in the XY Trainer Kit may not be sorted properly in the hand.
  • Errata is applied but not displayed for older prints of cards such as Rare Candy and Pokémon Catcher.
  • In the Deck Manager and Trade features the highlight around a selected item obscures the quantity owned.
  • iOS: The virtual keyboard occasionally obscures text fields when registering for a new account.
  • Sound effects may still continue to play when another window is opened over the game client.
  • The Report system may display a false error message when a report has been submitted. Reports are currently functioning as intended, so this is a visual error only.

Gameplay: General

  • A player's time clock is incorrectly reduced by 2-3 seconds each time their turn ends.
  • A status effect indicator is not present for cards in your hand that are affected by a card in play.
  • Abilities are not consistently displayed in the game log when activated.
  • After all valid selections are made in a reveal window the unselected cards disappear. These cards can be viewed again by returning a selected card to the top pane of the reveal window, or by enabling the Show All Cards checkbox.
  • Animations for Trainer cards that affect other cards in play are displayed in the wrong order.
  • Cards that adjust the deck display cards in a sorted order instead of top-down order. This causes the deck to appear unshuffled with each consecutive use of Trainer Cards.
  • Disconnection may occur while making selections in the card selection window.
  • Energy types provided by a Special Energy card while it is in play are not consistently reset when that card leaves play.
  • iOS: The inactivity popup does not appear prior to the opening coin flip of a match.
  • Only 3 status effect indicators are displayed when viewing a Pokémon with 4 or more status effects.
  • Sending a Pokémon to the Lost Zone causes other cards in the Lost Zone to disappear briefly.
  • The "Inactive Player" pop up sometimes appears when both players are active and forces the match to end.
  • The Paralyze animation is not properly aligned when a Pokémon affected by that Special Condition is Knocked Out.
  • The Prize card stack can only be inspected while one or more Prize cards is face-up due to a card effect (e.g. Town Map, BKT #150).
  • The confirmation pop-up does not appear if using a Trainer card to draw a new hand would result in having a smaller hand.
  • The game ends on a player's next turn when a win condition is met between turns, causing games to stall when a Poisoned Pokémon is Knocked Out to meet win conditions.
  • The game log entry damage from an attack appears before the entry for the use of that attack.
  • The icon on a banned card overlaps other cards in the hand.
  • The inactivity timer occasionally appears before or after the appropriate period of inactivity. This may cause the match to end before or after the timer counts down to 0.
  • Weakness and Resistance is not properly displayed for Pokémon LEGEND cards in the info panel.

Gameplay: Trainer Challenge

  • HGSS Basic Theme Decks are sometimes not unlocked after 7 wins.
  • The AI will not use Golbat's (PHF #32) Swoop Across attack it would do no damage to the opponent's Active Pokémon.

Gameplay: Versus

  • Clicking the Cancel button while searching for a Ranked match does not consistently cancel the matchmaking process.
  • Investigation is ongoing regarding random losses received in the middle of a match.

Gameplay: Tournaments

  • In some situations, the game will automatically select the next Prize card drawn after a disconnected player reconnects to the match.
  • In the Dutch client, some text on the main Tournaments screen is displayed in English and Danish.
  • The Notifications count remains on the chat tab after a Tournament lobby has been closed.

Gameplay: Tutorial

  • No known issues

Cards: Collection

  • Items are not properly sorted by "Type" in the "Energy" and "Gameplay" tabs.
  • Mega Pokémon are filtered as Stage 1 Pokémon.
  • Search terms for Mega and Primal Pokémon-EX are not consistent in the German client.
  • Some Black & White series theme decks are missing the theme deck-exclusive foil or non-foil version of their cards.
  • Trade tags can be applied to theme decks, though theme deck trading is currently disabled.

Cards: Deck Manager

  • Creating a deck containing a Pokémon BREAK card and its previous Evolutions will trigger an "Incomplete Evolution Chain" warning message.
  • Deck Wizard sometimes adds Forest of Giant Plants (AOR #74) to decks with no Grass-type Pokémon.
  • Messaging on banned cards appears when creating decks for formats from which the card has not been banned.
  • Several graphical and functional issues occur when editing a deck in Expanded View.
  • The "Wins Since Last Edit" and "Games Since Last Edit" stats do not update after a deck is edited.
  • The original Basic Yellow theme deck is not legal for use in the Theme Deck format.
  • Unowned cards in a deck are not identified in the Save Deck or View Deck popups.
  • When Gourgeist (PHF #45) has been selected, no Grass Energy is added to the deck for the Gourgantic Ability.

Cards: Trading

  • Options for filtering cards and items in "I Am Giving" while Creating a Trade are inconsistent.
  • Rejected private trade offers display a dash, rather than the trade partner's screen name, in the Trade History.
  • Sorting by Set, Card Number when creating a trade does not show sets in the proper order.
  • The "Accept Trade" button is not enabled when clicking the down arrow to reach the bottom of the offer.
  • The Invalid Filters message sometimes appears when a filtered search produces valid results
  • While creating a trade offer, trade tag buttons are only visible while an item is zoomed.


  • Inconsistent order when sorting items by "Lowest Gem Cost".
  • iOS: The game crashes when using a camera below 1.5MP to scan a QR code, including both cameras of the iPad 2 and the inward-facing camera of the iPad 3 or later.


  • In the Dutch client, the "Total Hours Played" section lists "Hours" twice.
  • Plasma Blast may be listed under Complete Sets despite not owning some cards in this set.
  • Some avatar Collection Sets are not displayed on the "Avatar Collections" page.
  • The Black Star Promos thumbnail image is displayed as a white box in Completed Sets of the Collection Stats tab
  • Avatar: The skin color under the Team Aqua Trainer Set shirt (female) does not match the avatar skin color.

Daily Challenge

  • Knocking Out Robo Substitute (PHF #102) inconsistently counts toward Challenge progress.


  • Users must navigate to a different area of the game after accepting a Friend request before another Friend request can be successfully accepted.
  • Users occasionally cannot join additional public chat lobbies.


  • On Mac computers, switching between Windowed and Full Screen modes during a match can cause graphical issues.
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