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Trade scams


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hey everyone


I'm looking on the trade section every day to find some interesting trade to strengten my deck but I got anoyed by the people trying to abuse the trade by scamming others.


For example


I saw some trades where they say. "Get this free legendary card", when you check this you see you are actually giving your legendary card and he is not giving anything.


Or when people spam the trade to get 1 single card for free and they don't give anything.




Now I'm wondering if those people should be reported, are any actions being taken against this or is the tcg developpers trying to prevent issues like this with scripts. I'm wondering because I don't know much about the trade rules ingame.


would love to hear something about this from the community but especially from the mods in here.


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Yeah you report them using the suppoirt portal, take a screenshot. I want there to be a report trade button right in the trade screen. I would also like it to be impossible to offer a lower grade than you are asking for. (Sorry Profs that you have to keep reading this from me.)


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