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[CARD] Tauros (XY #100) - Mistranslation of the Seething Anger attack on German card


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Hi, I found a severe translation bug for the german client.




I'm refering to this card:







It reads: a flip "for every damage" counter.




In the game however, it reads "for every attached energy", making me believe that it could flip 3 times doing 90 points of damage max. to my pokes with 3 energys attached, but instead it flipped like 10 times koing my poke-ex, so I wanted to report 2 players as cheaters, but actually when looking for the card link I found out that this was merely a very very misguiding translation error.




That said, please fix the text for the german tauros card so that it is correct and doesn't misguide players.

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Hi Oldschool1990,


I've submitted your report to the Dev team for investigation and will close this thread in the meantime. We appreciate your patience until a resolution can be reached and thank you for your report!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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