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HAVE PIKACHU EX FOR TRADE (and more) LF: Sceptile Ex, Shaymin Ex


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Hey so I have a few things for trade:

Pikachu Ex

M Mewtwo Ex x3 (Psychic Infinity) (1 is Full art)

Mewtwo Ex x4 (Photon Wave) (1 is full art)

Manetric Ex x2



Looking for:

Sceptile Ex x2 (Sleep Poison)

Sceptile Ex x1 Promo

M Sceptile Ex x3

Shaymin Ex 

Yveltal Ex x2

Zoroark (Breakthrough)

Gallade (Breakthrough)


Throw Ins:

Entei (Ancient Trait) x4

Charizard Ex (150 dmg atk) x2

Virizion (Ancient Origins?)

Sceptile Spirit Link

Forest of Giant Plants


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