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[GAME] Deck Manager - Win/Loss numbers in Deck Manager seem incorrect


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I heard that it doesn't count games that you won when your opponent forfeited. Which is honestly how most games are won nowadays. I can't confirm that it is true, but seems likely

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Hello Trainers!

There is this issue which is documented in the Known Bugs thread:

Overall Wins numbers for Theme Decks are sometimes reset or reduced after playing a Versus Mode match.


There is also a known bug in which Overall Wins and Overall Played statistics aren't being updated immediately. Re-logging will usually solve that problem.


If you think you're experiencing another issue with these stats, we'd appreciate if you could submit a support ticket with as much information as possible (stats before playing games, stats after playing games, any screenshots you're able to take, etc.).


Thanks for your patience while we work on getting these two bugs ironed out! :)

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