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Golurkian Conflicts


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So, let's say we have a Pokemon, that has more than one type.

AO-Golurk is the most extreme example, running up to 5 types at once (Psychic, Fighting, Electric, Fire, and Water with the eons - WOW)

Let's say this Golurk is fighting an Yveltal-ex holding a hard charm.
Yveltal is weak to electric, but resistant to fighting.

How does the calculation go for damage?

Is it: ((Base Power - 20) * 2) - 20 (giving us 180 damage) or ((Base Power * 2) - 20) -20 (giving us 200 damage)? And then if there's something on the opponent's bench, how does that work?

And does it make a difference if going against Malamar-EX (with a weakness to fighting, resistant to Psychic?) The difference being that Golurk is natively psychic, gets fighting from its own ability, and electric / fire / water from the bench.

Has this been established?


Edit: math error - Golurk still kills Yveltal and Malamar, but the question remains if there are other factors in play.

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See how weakness is listed before resistance on the cards?  That's the order of operations for damage calculation.  There's been an official ruling clarifying this.

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So, it's independent of how that type modifier was applied - ability or from the bench, all are considered the same.


(Muscle band I know is before weakness and resistance, hard charm is after because they say it explicitly.)

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