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Please help me make my favorite deck standard!


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I built a water deck made to take out EX pokemon but it's expanded and my two MVP Samurotts are not standard. It's the Samurott with destructive whirlpool so it will discard one of the defending pokemons energy cards ( Which is awesome with EXs because they tend to require a lot of energys ) Is there a good replacement for him? I have a few other pokes that need to be replaced too so if you guys can give suggestions that would be awesome. Please no EX pokemon if possible, but if you really think it would work sure! My playing style just doesn't fit with them.

here is my deck list. Please and thank you!




18 water

4 double colorless 


Okay Pokemon


3x Articuno 16/108

1x Lapras  35/146

2x Magikarp 19/98

1x Gyarados 20/98




3x Dive ball

1x Evosoda

1x Greatball

1x Professor's Letter 

1x Rare Candy

2x Lysandre

2x Pokemon Center Lady

2x Steven 

4x Tierno

1x Lucky Helmet 


Pokemon that are not Standard 


4x Oshawott 39/149

3x Dewott 40/149

2x Samurott 41/149 // great for getting rid of other players energys

1x Kyurem 34/101

2x Feebas 27/124

1x Milotic 28/124 // great for getting cards I need

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Milotic is definitely worth keeping. Just gyarados u can ensure that you will be able to defeat ex cards or even mega evolution with 180 hp. Just make sure you bang enough energy cards on gyarado's aqua tail.


If you play against a good deck that makes your Ex-user opponent draw lots of cards.  Samurott wont cut it...

Its better to use something else.


Lapras is definitely worth a try to get discarded basic water energy back.

Im not sure what other water cards you have =(


You might want to work on your trainer cards so that every turn u will have basic energy to use or cards that can help you get your gyarados up fast. Make sure it doesnt die fast and never use it to tank the front. If its the only pokemon on the field make sure to retreat it. It happened to me, i was confident that i could win someone else easily when both my first active pokemon was magicarp and in my hand i had enough energy for aqua tail and gyarados.

It fainted in 1st turn and it almost cause me the game lol and because you have only 1 gyarados you will definitely need a decent amount of heal cards....


and if you dont mind reading. take a look at






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Milotic is definitely worth keeping. 


Oh dude trust me I want to keep Milotic but she isn't Standard 

Yeah I have been trying to get another big fish but its hard to find haha

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Oh and when you have enough in game money bolt twister theme deck Feraligator.

or try look for gyarados in other theme decks. Watch out for the pokemon number it might be a different version of gyarados...


Feraligatr is definitely worth using i only have the final evolved form

Both skills are very useful!


hyper whirlpool make opponent pokemon discard energy with chance but you can discard more than one.


2nd noteworthy skill is second strike does base 80 damage and another 80 more if opponent pokemon is already damaged!!! you can combo with greninja shuriken or gyarados beserker splash!





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A good Pokemon that can fit on almost any deck is Golurk (Ancient Origins 35/98). Its ability makes it dual Psychic and Fighting type and its attack only requires colorless energy so you don't need to include any energy cards specifically for it, hence its ability to fit in any deck. Plus its ability combined with its Fighting resistance means that you can always do the extra 40 damage with its attack (for a total of 120) without the recoil. Also, since this is a Water deck, if you include Vaporeon (Ancient Origins 22/98), its ability will also grant Golurk the Water type, so it can attack with 3 types at once and benefit from Rough Seas.


On another note, you didn't need to type out your deck like that. You can just copy the list from the game. In Deck Manager, go to edit your deck, then click on the icon with one arrow coming from a box. That copies your deck list (the list of cards in your deck) to your clipboard, then you can just paste it into a forum post or wherever.

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Like above, Gyarados AO works really well if you plan to go a non-ex water pokemon route. Either pair it up with team magmas base+anciet trait, or just the other gyarados using lapras to power it up. (Mr.mime BKT might help to prevent bench snipes).


Removing energy can be done with crawdaunt prc, or you might like to tech in some hammers instead to for energy disruption.



If you don't have these pokemon, I can send some of them to you as well so just post here or add me in-game and have an energy/something useless tagged.

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Oh dude trust me I want to keep Milotic but she isn't Standard 

Yeah I have been trying to get another big fish but its hard to find haha

Theres a standard milotic that lets you grab something from the discard when you evolve, so you might wamt to consider adding those in

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Considering that Milotic requires that you A) get Feebas onto the bench, B) have it survive, c) evolve it, and d) waste a turn and an energy for something that can easily be accomplished with others, here are your options for contenders:


Pokemon Fan Club lets you get 2 basic pokemon (or Exs). If you want 3 (but no Exs,) there's another supporter.

Level ball allows you to pull up any pokemon less than level 90. Evosoda lets you pick up an evolved pokemon of whats out there. Steven lets you pull up a supporter and an energy.


Finally, Teammates let's you pull up ANY 2 cards after one of your pokemon gets knocked out. Personally, I'd do AT-Swampert on the bench, allowing you to guarantee one card next turn. (it also replace Samurott)


Cut down to about 10 waters, and put in 3 professor letters, if you even need that with Articuno. 

Throw in a rough seas stadium for energy recovery. 


And why is Dodrio not there? Dodrio has Rage, for ONE energy, same damage. 

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