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[PC] Crashing - Game crashes when looking at Notifications and at some points during match animations


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My game crashes when I click on the tab with Friends List / Chat Room / Notifications or when some attack animations play, this has been happening since the BREAKThrough update. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, change the resolution, have it windowed (Originally had it as full screen) but it still crashes.

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Hi there,


Sounds like you have already tried a few of our troubleshooting tips. Please make sure that your video driver is up to date by downloading the newest driver from the manufacturer website. Update Windows, Java and Flash. Free up as much hard drive space as possible. Run a virus / malware scan. Close any unecessary programs that you have running in the background. Try running TCGO from the Refresher.exe file (Windows search for Refresher).


If that doesn't help, you may want to submit a dxdiag to Customer Support to see if they can assist you further with this.


1. Go to start, type in "dxdiag"
2. Wait until "dxdiag.exe" appears and open it.
3. Click on "Save All Information"

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