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Have: Pachirisu, Typhlosion, Donphan,Gatr, Zoroark and more


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x3 Rare Candy


x4 Pokémon Collector


x4 Double Colorless Energy


x3 Reshiram


x3 Zekrom


x3 Shaymin


x3 Judge


x2 Yanmega Prime


x2 Magnezone Prime


x2 Kingdra Prime






x1 Ho-oh Legend bottom


x2 Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend bottom


x2 Typhlosion Prime


x1 Emboar 19


x1 Feraligatr Prime


x4 Pachirisu


x1 Donphan Prime


x3 Zoroark


x1 Alph LItograph FOUR (Look at your prizes)


and more regular holos and rares, just ask.


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I want your zoroarks, but i'm not trading anything you want. (unless you give your 3 zoroarks for 1 collector) However, I can give you RDL top to complete your RDL for the 3 Zoroarks and Ho-oh bottom.


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Burtyy, I can do that, find me in game or post a public offer and Ill accept it.


Bravetoto, Im looking for Shaymin as well and even if I had one, I wouldnt trade it for Celebi Prime.


Everyone else, thank you but I dont like those offers :(


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