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Lite n' ****! - An Unlimited Raichu/Bats Deck


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NOTE: The title was supposed to be Lite n' "Bight"!, but apparently, the censors imagined something nasty in that... even though the same word is usable further down this post. Someone really needs to fix these inexcusably broken censors. -_-'

A few days ago, I just felt like building a Raichu/Bats deck for the Unlimited format. The reason I chose this format is because it lets me use cards I can't use anywhere else to really speed up this deck. I've found it to be incredible for getting Lightning Challenges done... that is, when I'm not facing Shiftry ad nauseum.

So here's the list.

Pokémon (22)

4 Pikachu
4 Raichu (Circle Circuit)
4 Shaymin-EX (Set Up)
3 Zubat (Free Flight)
3 Golbat (Sneaky Bite)
2 Crobat (Surprise Bite)
2 Exeggcute (Propagation)

Stadiums/Items (22)

3 Sky Field
1 Computer Search
4 Junk Arm
4 Super Scoop Up
3 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
2 Muscle Band
1 Battle Compressor
1 Startling Megaphone

Supporters (12)

4 Professor Juniper
2 Colress
2 Pokémon Collector
1 Lysandre
1 Lysandre's Trump Card
1 Seeker
1 Hex Maniac

Energy (4)

4 Double Colorless Energy

Card Overview

Pikachu - Just here for evolving into Raichu. I chose this promo Pikachu for three reasons: one, it's adorable as all get-out; two, 70 HP is always better than 60; and three, it's the only card on PTCGO that has a +10 Weakness instead of x2.

Raichu - The main attacker of this deck. Circle Circuit can do a maximum of 180 damage with Sky Field, a full Bench, and a Muscle Band. Not bad for just a DCE!

Shaymin-EX - Not only does this little guy provide incredible draw power, he also fills the Bench and makes Circle Circuit stronger.

Zubat - Again, just here to evolve. This particular Zubat has free Retreat because of its Ability, so that's why I like running this one despite its lower HP.

Golbat and Crobat - Reminiscent of Crobat G in the past, these guys can turn near-KOs into KOs by dropping damage counters anywhere they want.

Exeggcute - Mainly here so I don't have to discard resources with Junk Arm, Computer Search, or Ultra Ball.

Sky Field - Increases both Bench sizes to 8, giving Circle Circuit incredible damage potential.

Computer Search - The best ACE SPEC in the game, period. Getting any card you want is powerful on its own, but when Exeggcute makes sure you don't have to discard a thing and Junk Arm lets you use it again and again, it's almost unfair. XD

Junk Arm - This is my nominee for the single most powerful card in Unlimited. Re-using your Items over and over again is already a great effect, but with Exeggcute eliminating its "discard fee", it becomes flat-out broken!

Super Scoop Up - Potentially lets me pick up either my bats or my Shaymin so I can use their Abilities again.

Ultra Ball - Lets me get any Pokémon I want. Exeggcute makes it so I don't have to discard anything to use it, which is really nice.

VS Seeker - Lets me re-use any Supporter in my discard pile, which is just too good to pass up for any deck in existence. XD

Muscle Band - One of the best Pokémon Tools ever printed. This lets Raichu potentially do 180 damage, enough to KO any EX that is a Mega, Lightning-resistant, or Wailord.

Battle Compressor - This lets me discard Eggs right away if I happen to draw it in the early-game; it's also great to use immediately after Lysandre's Trump Card. It even combos with Junk Arm, letting me easily get Computer Search or anything else I need!

Startling Megaphone - Discards all of the opponent's Tools, which is also great for disarming Garbodor. I'm using this over Tool Scrapper because my only EX is Shaymin, and I don't really care if it gets hit with a Head Ringer or Jamming Net.

Professor Juniper - Likely the most consistent draw Supporter in the game, guaranteeing seven fresh cards with every use. Lysandre's Trump Card makes Juniper much less likely to deck you out, making her safer to use.

Colress - A great Supporter in the mid-to-late game, drawing more cards the bigger both Benches are. Sky Field gives this guy the ridiculous potential to draw a massive 16-card hand!

Pokémon Collector - This guy's great in the early-game, letting me grab three Basics to put right into my hand; this is naturally useful for getting multiple Pikachu and Zubat ready to evolve next turn, and he can even get Shaymin for draw power or Exeggcute to discard right away! SO much better than Fan Club or Brigette.

Lysandre - Lets me pull anything I want to the active spot. This is mainly for taking a decisive KO when I need it.

Lysandre's Trump Card - Resets both decks, letting me using all my resources endlessly (my opponent too, but hey). This card was so powerful, it had to be banned from the Standard and Expanded formats.

Seeker - Like Super Scoop Up, it lets me pick up bats or Shaymin and use them again, but this card works every time. It can also make my opponent pick up their only Benched Pokémon, letting me win right there with a KO to their Active 'mon.

Hex Maniac - She's mostly here to help me break past Pokémon with annoying defensive Abilities, like Aegislash-EX. She can also ruin decks that absolutely need support Abilities to even work, since VS Seeker and Junk Arm let me use her again and again if I really need her.

Double Colorless Energy - The only Energy this deck needs. One of these babies lets Raichu go crazy with its destructive Circle Circuit. Shaymin can also use it for Sky Return if it really needs to.

So that's my deck. I actually built this before the big Lightning Challenge we have now even existed, so imagine my pleasant surprise to see it pop up, knowing I had just the right deck for it. XD

Whatcha think?

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No Shiftry counter, no way to reliably start with that counter anyway, and no reason to run it in the cancerous unlimited format when it's a serious contender with multiple City Champ Top 8's in Standard last weekend.

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