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Expanded Landorus-EX/ Gengar BKT deck Idea


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Hey guys!


So i got a lot of good feedback on my last feed...the pikachu-ex feed...so im coming to you guys again! This time with a really cool deck that needs a bit of tweaking. Here is the deck list i have now:




4 Landorus-EX

3 Ghastly BKT

3 Gengar BKT

2 Absol RS





3 Lysandre

3 Birch

3 Sycamore

3 Korinna

1 AZ

3 VS seeker

3 Ultra Ball

4 Roller Skates

2 Switch

1 Escape Rope

2 Rare Candy

1 Battle Compressor

4 Muscle Band

4 Dimension Valley




4 Strong Energy

4 Prism Energy

3 Psychic Energy



So the deck is pretty self explanatory...Spread damage with the Lando and Absols then finish everyone off with a Gengar. This deck is laking speed and consistency, but once set up, it is really scary. HELP ME OUT!!


Post what you think a good deck list would be or just some tips! 



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