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Pikachu Power Trading Company PPTC (LF Traders)


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This is Pikachu Power Trading Company.

Founder: Pokeyfolk

Forums Editor : Pokeyfolk

Trusted Traders:pokeyfolk,CarlosSF,manavtheboss,thecharizard24,daunsmss, pikachu55055,ihabakus


Back Up Traders: lama_95,sudeepsarkar


Head Of Deck Building Service:kanacho

Advertisers: CarlosSF

Recruitment is now open! you must have a 50% or higher collection percentage to join as a trader.
To join pm me via forum messager or post here on the thread.

Goals: Here at Pikachu Power Trading Company are goal is to help the pokemon community by helping others get the cards they need. This specific trading company try our hardest to give the most fair and accurate price across the forums.

Guidelines: This is the format of our prices so you know where to find them. Remember you can always push ctrl + * to find whichever card your looking for.


If you want a different version of the card such as foil or reverse foil we may ask that you pay more then the price due to higher rarity.


Page 1:
1 Introduction
2. Goals
3. Guidelines
4. Rules

5. Pack Ratios
6. Promotions
Page 2:
7. Ex
Page 3.

8. Promo ex
9. FA Trainers
10. SR Trainers
11. Ace Specs
Page 4.
12. SR Pokemon
13. Primes
14. FA Non Ex
Page 5.
15. Regular Pokemon
Page 6
16. HGSS Era Cards

Page 7
18. Gameplay Items
Page 8.
19. Trade-Ins
Page 9.
20. Pikachu Points
21. Pika Power Points
Page 10:
22. Rewards History



1. We can say no to any trade. This can be for any reason (I.E. we think your flipping, multiple accounts to exploit a card or promotion, ETC)

2. People from other companies can order but they must pay their price if thiers is higher and our pack ratios stay same

3. Only 2 cards of the same card rated * or ** per person per 2 weeks

4. You may only use a promotion once (Unless it says so)

5. These rules can change without notice

6. We may denie any trade to accounts under 1 month old if we feel it is a secondary account.

7. You may only order a max of 4 copies of the same card per order


8. There are some exceptions to some of these rules but please pm pokeyfolk for info


9. We can ask you use current promotions(excluding weekly promotion) and current prices 


Pack ratios:

20 Pack Value: HGSS Era Packs

5 Pack Value: Charizard Box(Limit of 3 per order)

2.25 Pack Value(2 for * and ** rated cards): Plasma Freeze

2 Pack Value: Black & White Base Set

1.5 Pack Value: Noble Victories, Next Destinies

1.25 Pack Value: Dark Explorers

1 Pack Value #1(these are accepted as 0.75 for * and ** rated cards): Roaring Skies,  Plasma Storm

1 Pack Value #2: Plasma Blast, Dragon Vault,Dragons Exalted



0.75 Pack Value(rated 0.6 for * and ** rated cards): Furious Fists, Phantom Forces, Emerging Powers,Breakthough

0.66 Pack Value( rated 0.5 for * and ** rated cards): Ancient Origins, Primal Clash

0.5 Pack Value(not accepted for * and ** rated cards): Flashfire, XY Base Set, Legendary Tresures,Tournament Chest


0.2 Pack Value(not accepted for * and ** rated cards) Pikachu box(Limit of 5 per order)




Other Cards: If you would like a different version of the card such as Foil or Reverse Foil which we do indeed sell but they cost more. The price is double the price for the regular version of the card. 





Weekly Promotion (January 11th-January 18th)


All orders that are 50 packs or over get a extra pikachu point with their order 

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BREAKTHOUGHRAFA/SRM Mewtwo ex(phychic infinity)58*Mewtwoshatter58.5*M Mewtwo ex (vanishing)35Mewtwo ex (photon)35Houndoom ex35*M Houndoom ex35Glalie ex23 M Glalie ex23[td][/table] [table]RAFA/SRLugia ex47*Giratina ex36Sceptile ex36M Sceptile ex35Hoopa ex35Machamp ex35Tyranitar ex24M Tyranitar ex24Ampharos ex23M Ampharos ex23Kyurem ex12M Rayquaza exX3Primal Groundon exX2.5Primal Kyogre exX2.5[/table] [table]ROARING SKIESRAFA/SRShaymin ex18*24**Hydreigon ex23Rayquaza ex COL3.55M Rayquaza ex COL35Rayquaza ex DRG2XM Rayquaza ex DRG2XGallade ex23M Gallade ex23Latios ex23M Latios ex23Thundurus ex12[/table] [table]PRIMAL CLASHRAFA/SRGroundon ex35Primal Groundon ex35Kyogre ex35Primal Kyogre ex35Gardevoir ex35M Gardevoir ex35Aggron ex24M Aggron ex24Wailord ex24Camerupt ex24Sharpedo ex23Trevenant ex23[/table] [table]PHANTOM FORCESRAFA/SRManectric ex57*M Manectric ex57*Gengar ex46M Gengar ex23Aegislash ex5XDialga36Malamar ex35Florges ex23[/table] [table]FURIOUS FISTSRAFA/SRSeismitoad ex5.58*Dragonite ex23Lucario ex47*M Lucario ex23Heracross ex23M Heracross ex23Hawlucha ex2.5X[/table] [table]FLASHFIRERAFA/SRCharizard ex3XCharizard ex stoke23M Charizard ex X23M Charizard ex Y23Kangaskhan ex23M Kangaskhan ex23Toxicroak ex23Magnezone ex12[/table] [table]XYRAFA/SRYveltal ex47.5*Xerneas ex23.5Blastoise ex23M Blastoise ex2XVenusaur ex23M Venusaur ex2XSkarmory ex23Emolga ex1.52[/table] [table]LEGENDARY TRESURESRAFA/SRKeldeo ex4XMewtwo ex4XDarkrai ex4XVictini ex2XLugia ex3XChandelure ex1.5XMew exX1.5Zekrom ex1XBlack Kyurem ex1XWhite Kyurem ex1XKyurem ex1XResheram ex1XExcadrill ex1.5XShaymin exX0.75Meloetta ex0.50.75[/table] [table]PLASMA BLASTRAFA/SRVirizion ex9*13*Jirachi ex5.5*8*Genesect ex57.5*Dialga ex23Palkia ex23Kyurem ex1X[/table] [table]PLASMA FREEZERAFA/SRDeoxys ex35Thundurus ex24Tornadus ex24Heatran ex23Latios ex24Latias ex24[/table] [table]PLASMA STORMRAFA/SRCobalion ex4.57*Black Kyurem ex3XArticuno ex35Lugia ex35Victini ex2.54.5Moltres2.5XWhite Kyurem ex3XZapdos ex2.5X[/table] [table]BOUNDARIES CROSSEDRAFA/SR[/tr]Landorus ex8.5*14*Keldeo ex4.521**Celebi ex35.5Cresselia ex2.53.5Black Kyurem ex2.53.5White Kyurem ex2.53.5DRAGONS EXALTEDRAFA/SRHo-oh ex8.5*19**Mew ex5*13*Rayquaza ex310*Terrakion ex36*Giratina ex2.54.5Registeel ex2.54.5[/table]


DARK EXPLORERSRAFA/SRDarkrai ex5.536**Entei ex5.59*Raikou ex5.59*Tornadus ex3.56Groundon ex47*Kyogre ex47*[/table]




NEXT DESTINIESRAFA/SRMewtwo ex5.531**Shaymin ex35Kyurem ex24Resheram ex24Zekrom ex24[tr]Regigigas ex35/tr][/table]



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PROMO EXCard:pricePikachu ex14*Tyrantrum ex8*Absol ex5M Absol ex5Keldeo ex4Mewtwo ex4Swampert ex3Blaziken ex3Rayquaza ex COL3Rayquaza ex DRG3Metagross ex3M Metagross3Diancie ex3M Diancie ex3Gallade ex3Hoopa ex3Darkrai ex3Yveltal ex3Krookidile ex3Flygon ex3Groundon ex3Kyogre ex3Sceptile ex3Venusaur ex2Charizard ex2Delphox ex2Greninja ex2Thundurus ex2Deoxys ex2Lugia ex2Chesnaught ex2Xerneas ex2Resheram ex2Kyurem ex2Zekrom ex2Black Kyurem ex2White Kyurem ex2Tornadus ex2Garchomp ex2Blastoise ex2[/table]



FA TRAINERScardpriceN52**Skyla35**Professor Juniper26**Colress11*Lysandre8*Prof Birch Observations7.5Korrina4Bianca4Cheren4Pokemon Fan Club4Teammates4Brigette4Giovanni Scheme4Archies Ace In The Hole4Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick4AZ3Ghetsis3Iris3Lysandre Trump Card3Pokemon Center Lady3Steven3Wally3Winona3Xerosic3Fossil Researcher3[/table]



SR TRAINERSCARDpriceEnergy Switch3Weakness Policy3Energy Retrieval3Rocky Helmet6Trainers Mail6Dive Ball7*Random Reciever7Enhanced Hammer7VS Seeker11*Switch10*Pokemon Catcher15*Rare Candy30**Max Potion50 Freeze PacksUltra Ball117 Freeze packs[/table]



Ace SpecsCard:Price:Computer Search9*Dowsing Machine3Scoop Up Cyclone2Scramble Switch2Rock Guard2Life Dew2Gold Potion1G Booster1Crystal Edge1Crystal Wall1G Scope1Master Ball1Victory Piece1[/table]
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BreakthoughCardPriceGallade1.5Magnezone2Gengar2Octillery2Raikou2Yveltal2Zoroark2Xerneas1.5Other Rares0.75Other Uncommons0.5Other Commons0.33[/table]



Ancient OriginsCardPriceVileplume1.5Jolteon1Entei(AT)1Entei0.75Gyarados(AT)1Gyarados0.75Golurk(AT)0.75Vespiquen0.75Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Roaring SkiesCardPriceResheram1Zekrom1Deoxys1Togekiss(AT)1Unfezant(AT)1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Primal ClashCardPriceSwampert(AT)1.5Huntail1Medicham(AT)1Hippowdon1Crawdaunt(AT)1Excadrill(AT)1Kingdra(AT)1Ninetales1Sceptile(AT)1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Phantom ForcesCardPriceCrobat1Bronzong1Gourgeist1Slurpuff1Regigigas1Wobbuffet1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Furious FistsCardPriceHawlucha1Landorus1Machamp1Tyrantrum1Noivern1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



FlashfireCardPricePyroar1.5Dusknoir1Dragalge1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



XYCardPriceRaichu2.5Delphox1Greninja1Chestnaught1Aegislash1Yveltal1Xerneas1Trevenant1Aromatisse1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Legendary TreasuresCardPriceCharizard1Cobalion1Emboar1Garchomp1Garbodor1Hydreigon1Rayquaza1Sigilyph1.5Victini1Zoroark1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Plasma BlastCardPriceBlastoise2Suicune1.5Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Plasma FreezeCardPriceKyurem2Absol1.51Exeggcute0.75Flareon1Kingdra1Leafeon1Mr.Mime1Umbreon1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Plasma StormCardPriceKlinklang2Crobat1Donphan1Infernape1Lucario1Magnezone(ability)1Snorlax1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Boundaries CrossedCardPriceDusknoir2Blastoise2Ditto2Charizard1Flygon1Munna1Scizor1Stoutland1Vileplume1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.5Other Commons0.5[/table]



Dragons ExaltedCardPriceAltaria2Garbodor2Hydreigon(ability)2Sigilyph2Aggron1Garchomp1Ninetales1Roserade1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.5Other Commons0.33[/table]



Dark ExplorersCardPriceEmpoleon2Accelgor1Sableye1Venusaur1Zoroark1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Next DestiniesCardPriceGardevoir2Shiftry2Amoonguss1Lucario1Resheram1Zekrom10.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[/table]



Noble VictoriesCardPriceArcheops2Chandelure2Cobalion2Kyurem2Terrakion2Durant1Eeletrik1Hydreigon1Landorus1Seismitoad1Vanilluxe1Victini (V-Create)1Victini (Victory Star)1Virizion1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commons0.25[td][/table]



Emerging PowersPriceBeartic1Cobalion1[td]1Thundurus1Tornadus1Other Rares0.5Other Uncommons0.33Other Commmons0.25[/table]



Black & WhiteCardPriceKlinklang4Emboar3Reuniclus3Zoroark3Serperior3Resheram2Zekrom2Krookodile1Mandibuzz1Bouffalant1Cinccino1Unfezant1[/table][table]1Other Uncommons0.5Other Commons[/table]
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"Change System"




So how this works that we give out "Change". It works by for example your order is 13.99 but you pay 14 rs we give you the extra 0.01 trade credit which all adds up.

You can use it to either get free cards if you have enough "Change credit" or put it towards a order such as "i would like a FA birch i would like to pay with 7 rs and my 0.5 change credit".  


We feel this is the right direction by using this special system that no other trading companies use and to help save our customers pack while trading. 


This is how we will get track of the "Change System" we will track it here with how much "Change" you have.



Change ChartNameChangebambam1126860.01[/table]
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Here the reward system is Pikachu points and Pika powered points


Pikachu points: You get these for every MULTIPLE OF 10 in your order.


Pika power points: You get these for every MULTIPLE OF 100 in your order.


If you have a order 100 or above please let us know how you want to divide your points. For instance if you have a order of 112 packs then you can choose 11 Pikachu points(each worth 10) or 1 pika power point(worth 100) and 1 pikachu point(worth 10)



Prizes: Here is the list of prizes you can get from redeeming your pikachu points.


1 point:  1-5 Random cards between 0.25-2


3 points. Random card between 2-4


5 points: Random card between 4-6


5 points: 1 Pika pack*(read below)


10 points: Random card between 6-10


20 points: Random card between 10-20


*= Pika pack. Pika packs are a new promotion here at Pikachu Power Trading Company. When you redeem a pika pack for each pika pack you redeem its basically a 1 pack coupon for each one you redeem(MAX YOU CAN REDEEM AT 1 TIME IS 5). You have to trade a pikachu card in place of the pack when redeeming if you do not wish to trade a pikachu you can trade a pika box instead. These coupons are not valid for * and ** rated cards. 



Prizes: Here are the prizes you can get for redeeming you Pika power points.


1 point: Random card between 20-30


3 points: Random card between 30-50


5 points: Pick which card you want next time you redeem pikachu points(example i would like to redeem 5 pika power points and 10 pikachu points and get a FA lucario ex please).




Pikachu point list:


dziesmer: 4

















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hi I'd like to wish good luck to your company..


however a bit of advice from a well wisher

reserved [table]

breakthoughRAFA/SRm mewtwo ex(phychic infinity)4.58*[/table]

don't put up one card for sale ^.. it looks as you have nothing lol.. i'd suggest you waited until you had a decent amount to sell before prematurely putting a single card up and giving customers a bad impression

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ok thank you for the advice

Like i told you before man, look at other companies and see how they make their front page as appealing as possible,  to attract players !!

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I may be interested in being a trader. I will add you in game and talk to you there when we are both online.

ok sure thing!


I want to be an advertiser. Please give me chance :D PM me if u want to talk.

ok your a advertiser send me a friend request in-game please

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Not to be rude but there is one major thing that is very lacking and overall dims the post itself.


I highly recommend using in your posts good capitalization, good grammar and good punctuation.

Also, use capitalization for the cards itself in your value posts.


It is a personal opinion, but it looks unprofessional if you have speech that looks like this:


if you have a order 100 or above please let us know which you want. example would be you had a order worth 112 packs let us know if you want 11 pikachu points or 1 pika power point and 1 pikachu point. 

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