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Auctioning Pikachu EX Legendary Collection Promos!


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Hello, its PokeMasterTz, and I am Auctioning all the Pikachu EX Legendary Collection Box Promos! These include the following:


1 Palkia PR-XY XY75
1 Zekrom PR-XY XY76
1 Latias PR-XY XY78
1 Black Kyurem PR-XY XY80
1 Regigigas PR-XY XY82
1 Pikachu-EX PR-XY XY84
Post a bid, highest offer wins! Auctioning entire set.
P.S, if anyone knows the price of the promos, please help me out, I only know the price of Pikachu.
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I'm gonna push it up to 25 ao :) not that I really really want it.. but I think 25 is a decent base price for your auction seeing as the real value should be slightly up from there

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Sorry, but I have to cancel the auction. Mods can close this. I found a really good deal! I got another Pika EX code card though, so still have stuff for trade!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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