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Please help making my BREAK deck better !


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I like this deck and it's really fun  but it isn't really consistent. Please help me make it better. I would really appreciate it. Sorry for my bad English btw .


This is my current deck.


15 pokemon 


3 zorua BT

3 zoroark (stand in)

3 zoroark BREAK 


2 yveltal (oblivion wing)

2 yveltal -EX promo


1 remoraid

1octillery BT


trainers 33


3 evosoda

3 roller skates

1battle compressor

4 VS seeker

2 switch

2 trainers mail

2 professors letter 

2 lysandre

2 birch

1 sycamore

2 brigette

2 pokemon center lady

3 shadow circle

3 muscle band

1 float stone


Energy 12



4 dangerous energy

4 dark energy


Thanks for helping me ;)



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I run Zoroark Break with Malamar-EX instead of Yveltal-EX. I think they work better together. I also run a lot of energy disruption, which is why I use Malamar instead of Yveltal. 


The deck works by trying to keep the opponent out of energy, while taking advantage of their attacks while they are asleep or unable to attack.

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