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Help (Yveltal/Zoroark)


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Again, I'll jump right into the deck list

- Pokemon - (11)
3x Yveltal Ex
2x Yveltal
2x Zorua
2x Zoroark
2x Shaymin Ex

- Trainer - (39)
4x Trainer Mail
4x Ultra Ball
3x Vs Seeker
2x Professor Letter
2x Energy Retrieval
3x Muscle Band
2x Float Stone
2x Head Ringer
4x Shadow Circle
4x Sycamore
4x Judge
2x Az
2x Skyla
1x Lysander

- Energy - (10)
4x Double Colorless
6x Basic Dark

Yveltal Ex is used as the main attacker, Yveltal is used to pull energy late game (Or for a quick starter, doing up to 50 dmg for one energy cost, and allowing my to stack up Yveltal Ex) obviously Zoroark is used to swap (With float stone) but for one Dce he can be a big hitter, shaymin is used for draw support (Ofc) again, the trainers I decided to go with shold speak for themselves, Draw support/ energy support/ tools, Balls, Ect, Again, I'm looking for suggestions to increase the consistency of this deck, setup is quite difficult despite what you may think, I need a sure fire way to get Yveltal Ex, and Zoroark setup asap, thanks

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It'd help to know which versions of the pokemon that you're using. 

There's like 3 different Zorua, 2 different Yveltal, so put which one. 


Personally, I always use 2x pokemon fan club since it pulls all basic 

pokemon including EXs. Skyla or Steven can get them out if they don't 

come up early. 


I also use evosodas but you only got Zoroark to evolve so I'm not sure

how helpful that would be. Wally's there too but that's another 



EDIT: Level balls wouldn't work cause Zoroark has 100 HP

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I don't think you need 4 Sycamore + 4 Judge + 2 Shaymin. I'd probably go down to 2 Sycamore, 2 Judge, 2 Shauna, 1 Sykla, with 2 Battle Compressor and 4 VS Seeker.

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