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Got some Jirachi Promos


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Looking for 25 each. Just send me offers with fair pack values. 


*Got 4 more if anyone wants them.



Pack Values (Use something like this, if you have any problems let me know)

Ancient Origins 0.75

BlackWhite 2

Boundaries Crossed 1

Breakthrough 1

Dark Explorers 1.25

Double Crisis 0.75

Dragon Vault 1

Dragons Exalted 1

Emerging Powers 0.5

Flashfire 0.5

Furious Fists 0.75

Legendary Treasures 0.5

Next Destinies 1

Noble Victories 1.5

Phantom Forces 0.75

Plasma Blast 0.75

Plasma Freeze N/A

Plasma Storm 0.75

Primal Clash 0.75

Roaring Skies 1

XY Base Set 0.5

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Sent you an offer for Blissey Gem Promo + FA Zekrom-ex, if you don't like it counter please :)

Sorry, I don't want the blissey :(


I'd rather have packs. 

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sent over a trade of 67 fuf for both the remaining jirachis (I assumed that upto eevee's trade, all were completed since your message was updated after his)

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