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LF TOADBATS have (Good stuff)


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I am looking for the following. (Least rarity, non-foil, non-full art, if possible. If you can't offer them then pass unless good deal.)


3x SToads Ex **

** Shaymin Ex RS

2x Manectric EX PF

4x Zubat PF

3 Golbat PF

2 Crobat PF


3 Super Scoop Up

2 VS Seeker

1 Xerosic

2 Head Ringer

1 AZ

1 Rock Guard




3x Stoad EX FA FF

1 Charizard EX reg FlshFr

2 Keldeo EX Rush In Tin

3 Lucario EX reg FF

1 White Kyurem EX BC

2 Fossil Researcher FA

1 Korrina FA

Pikachu clothing.


In game name is grim_kvlt

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