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FT: Cards from Ice Shock Theme Deck LF: Various Pokemon and Trainer Cards


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Hi there! I'm currently selling all listed cards from the "Ice Shock" Theme deck. For now, I'm looking for certain cards such as AOR Ariados, NXD Gardevoir, and Mega Turbo, but all of them will be listed at the end. Since I am somewhat new to trading, you may pick out up to 5 of any of the cards in this deck for any cards I am looking for. There will be exceptions if some cards are worth more. As cards are sold, I will be removing them from this list.

For Trade-

1 Black Kyurem BCR 100
2 Buneary BCR 116
2 Lopunny BCR 117
2 Electabuzz BCR 53
1 Electivire BCR 54
3 Pikachu BCR 50
2 Voltorb BCR 51
2 Electrode BCR 52
2 Frillish BCR 44
1 Jellicent BCR 45
3 Psyduck BCR 33
2 Golduck BCR 34
3 Squirtle BCR 29
2 Wartortle BCR 30
1 Blastoise BCR 31
2 Switch BCR 135
2 Energy Search BCR 128
2 Cheren EPO 91
2 Energy Retrieval BLW 92
2 Great Ball BCR 129
1 Pokémon Communication BLW 99
1 Skyla BCR 134
7 Electric Energy
11 Water Energy

Looking For-
1 Gardevoir NXD 57
1 Battle Compressor
3 Mega Turbo
2 VS Seeker
2 Mystery Energy

If some people are willing to trade a Mewtwo-EX (Shatter Shot or X Ball) for the cards left in the deck, I'm willing to take up the offer. Anyway, have a good one!  :) 
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