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When we open a Tournament Chest, please give us the ability to tag the card right from that screen


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Right now when we open a Tournament Chest, we can't right-click on the card from it and tag it For Trade and/or Wanted, unlike the various trade screens and the pack-opening screen. We can always tag cards right from those screens but not from the chest-opening screen. Can that feature please be added?


Also, the ability to offer a private trade to someone right from the chat screen would be appreciated. There are already icons for messaging them or challenging them to a game, but not for a trade.


One more thing that's been bugging me: When we trade the last copy of a card that we have tagged For Trade, the tag remains on that card even though it's no longer in our collection. This causes people to make offers for cards we don't have (or don't have any tradable copies of). Please fix it so if the tradable quantity of a card becomes 0, then the For Trade tag is automatically removed.

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