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Mega Redtwo Deck !


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I call it.... Metal Infinity!!

This is my variation of a Mega Mewtwo Y deck :)

It works extremely well from what I have played with it, and was able to match up to the Mega Bluetwo deck (almost) that is also listed on the forums.

So without further ado, I present Metal Infinity!


Pokemon: 16

Mewtwo Ex (X Ball): 2

M Mewtwo Ex (Psychic Infinity): 2

Shaymin Ex (Set-Up (Of course): 2

Bronzor (Phantom Forces): 3

Bronzong (Metal Links): 3

Heatran: (Phantom Forces): 1

Hoopa Ex (Scoundrel Ring): 1

Aegislash Ex: 2


Trainer: 31

VS Seeker: 3

Level Ball: 2

Ultra  (For some reason will not let me put in the second word :/): 3

Trainer's Mail: 3

Battle Compressor: 3

Skyla: 1

Hex Maniac: 1

Professor Sycamore: 4

Lysandre: 1

AZ: 1

Giovanni's Scheme: 2

Magnetic Storm: 1

Dimension Valley: 1

Parallel City: 1

Float Stone: 2 

Mewtwo Spirit Link: 2


Energy: 13

Double Colorless Energy: 4

Metal Energy (basic): 9


The main idea is to build up mewtwo on the bench with large amounts of energy depending on the situation and use aegislash as a shield, haha :)

Some of these cards may not look necessary but help sooooo much, for example, parallel city. You can use it to limit your opponents bench or damage or use it to get rid of the shaymin on your bench that can be easily Lysandred. Or AZ, that helped me out on so many occasions. If you need to heal an aegislash or need to drop some energy into the discard pile, use AZ to accomplish it (works with mewtwo also, which is why there are 2 spirit links). Magnetic storm if you are facing another metal deck, or just want to get rid of an opponents sky field. Heatran is a key here. I have seen a lot of Suicune and Sigilyph lately and Heatran takes care of it easily. Giovanni's Scheme can either help your hand get back up again or that necessary amount needed to KO, it has saved me so many times again ^^. Skyla to choose whatever you need. I used 4 VS seekers in order to make use of any trainer multiple times obviously. What I like to do with this deck is compress trainers and then VS seeker so they are instantly in my hand, try it :). The Balls for easy Hoopa and Bronzong obviously. Everything else should be self explanatory, please let me know what you guys think :)

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Copycat :P


But seriously nice deck, I still have a few ideas that can help:


1-You should have more draw supporters like shauna or even birch, 4 sycamore aren't good enough on their own, and let's face it, giovanni is bad.

2-The only Stadium you should use here is Valley, nothing else

3-put at least 1 more line of Mewtwo / Mega red, 2-2 seems not enough

4-Try NXD Gardevoir, it can maximize the damage even more but you'll need to switch to Psychic energy and therefor dropping Bronzong.

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Ok, so I see how the drawing supporters can help a lot here, and the extra lines of mewtwo. However I have to disagree on the stadiums and the nxd gardevoir :P 


First point, stadiums: This is an expanded deck and with the upcoming set, metal and dark will be huge, so i think that magnetic storm will come in handy. Parallel City is also a huge part, it eliminates hoopa, shaymin, and low hp pokemon from my field,so that no lysandre can hit them. With dimension valley, this deck does not really need it anyways, because it can hit at least 2 energy by turn 2.


NXD gardevoir: This does have some great qualities in that it doubles the amount of psychic energy which is always great, but it has some downpoints as well. What is great about bronzong is that it is a stage 1 that utilizes the discard pile. It can utilize level ball, and its easy to get out. Gardevoir on the other hand is a stage 2, which means you need kirlia or rare candy which takes up unnecessary space. It also cannot do anything about the cards in your discard pile which is a huge problem with the low amount of energy already in the deck.

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