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[GENERAL] Crashing - "Error: Failed to initialize player Could..... not preload global game manager #0 i=0"


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it wont let me load the game! it says " Error: Failed to initialize player  Could..... not preload global game manager #0   i=0  this happened right after i updated it XC 

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I would recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the game, or running the Refresher.exe program located in your installation folder (usually found in "%appdata%\Pokémon Trading Card Game Online" ).


Hope that helps!

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Hello, long time didn't launched my client, and wanted to play. I launched it, there was updates and while updating the client crashed, I restarted ptcg and I got an error :

"Failed to initialize player"

"Could..... not preload global game manager #0   i=0"



Apparently it's a unity 3d problem but I can't fix it, can someone know how to fix it and can help me to finally launch this game ? :P

Thank you a lot :D

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Thx to moved my post, but after doing refresher thing (because reinstalling doesnt do anything), I have lot of missing dll :



,,     .DLL


I reinstalled once again and.. nothing chanded...

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Hey there!

When you're uninstalling, are you removing all files and folders related to the game, including Installer files? Please ensure that you are. If you're still having issues after completely removing the game and re-installing, I recommend submitting a support ticket for further investigation. You can create a ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question". Please make sure you include any crash reports and error codes you've received, as well as a summary of your system specs.


1. Go to Applications > Utilities > System Profiler/Information
2. When the application has finished compiling the data, click File and then Save/Save As...
3. Save the file to your desktop as a .txt or .xml file


1. Go to start, type in "dxdiag"
2. Wait until "dxdiag.exe" appears and open it.
3. Click on "Save All Information"

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