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Various Deals with Cards and Packs


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I am trading away a few of my FA Ns:

I have two offers.

FA N for 43 RS each

2 FA N + 120 RS for SR UB


Also trading other stuff:

Gengar Prime for 18 RS

Keldeo EX FA for 18 RS

Ho-Oh EX FAs for 16 RS

Jirachi EX FA for 7 RS

Mew EX FA DRX for 11 RS

Mewtwo EX FA NXD for 28 RS


Also trading Charizard Avatar Boxes for 6 RS 5 RS each.


Guess thats it for now.

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Then i pay 30 bt packs for gengar and mew send me a trade. Is very easy trade bt for rs i trade most 100 pack this week

I would really prefer 29 RS. Would you mind converting BT to RS and then completing the trade?

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