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Dumping my collection


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Hello. Animations make this game unplayable for me. I quit playing MTGO because their dev team refuses to address putting the game on the iPad, I tried hearthstone and it is literally the worst card game ever designed, and I was happy with pokemon until this update. I am not going to stand by and not have my voice valued, which means it is time for me to move on.


If you are interested all of my unlocked cards are on my daughter's account. Username giamonroe.


Please pm offers to me. Here are some highlights:

4 RA Shaymin EX (ROS)

Computer Search

4 RA Seismitoad EX

4 RA Landorus EX

4 FA Birch


Many many more.


Please keep offers private. I will provide a .csv if you are interested.


Low ball offers will be laughed at

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i don't understand this.. why trade your cards for other cards before leaving..?


i mean if there was no chance you'd be coming back you'd be better off giving your cards to a new player- someone who'd be immensely helped by it,


but if there was any chance you'd be coming back itd be better to just leave the cards in your account because it'd make coming back easier..


i don't want to play this game anymore so i'm trading my cards away + lowball offers will be laughed at kinda makes no sense from a logical standpoint.. right?


i'm sure you have some good friends on game who'd find use to those cards you have.. so why not ask them if they need any and leave them something to remember you with?

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I think what he is trying to say he is personally quitting but wants to help his daughter trade her cards.


This doesnt sound like  "hey guys i am quitting and giving my cards away (dumping my collection)"

It sounds more like "hey guys i am quitting but still want to make profit on my cards"



Which is deceptive title. 

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Actually I got a sweet offer.


Geez, guess you guys should have made an offer instead of asking a bunch of silly questions.


Please close thread. Good bye ptcgo

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hey dont close, i offer shaymin for 1Landorus-EX

                                                       2 BkT

                                                       1 RoS

                                                       6 Chests

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