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[GAME] Shop - "This code is invalid" error when trying to use HS codes


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I was opened one booster box of HS Triumphant today, is original, i tried to use the code of the box in the game , but it say '' your code is invalid'' i really need use this code, plz :/

i know it don't have codes in the booster, but have in the box, and that code will release the 36 packs.

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There is no codes for any pre B&W packs. The only way to get hgss packs was when you inputted a code from a B&W era pack and instead of giving you a certain pack, it would let you choose what pack you wanted. Now the only way to get them is with gems(only Canadians have this feature) or by trading.


This is what they are worth to trade for:


HGSS base- 15


Triumphant, Undaunted, Unleashed- 18


Call Of Legends- 20

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Hey there!


As chickenman2015 has stated, there were no codes offered with HeartGold & SoulSilver items. This may be a physical product issue, which you can submit to the support team for further investigation. Simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question" to create a ticket.


Thanks for your understanding! I'll go ahead and close this thread now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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