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[GAME] General - Disconnected during match and unable to reconnect


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in Theme mode just now, doing my grass daily, had chesnaught out, was drawing my second prize of the game after killing a Pangoro, opponent had a couple on the bench.

then while drawing a prize, the magical wi-fi box pops up flashing yellow ? then red with an X... then yellow..

the time out box appeared, i was allowed to hit resume, and then opponent is disconnecting box appeared, after that timed out, was booted back to login, and was unable to log back in when logging in the bar would reach 28% then throw up error message regarding server connection) until i restarted the game.

only to find that i was not rewarded with a win, my daily had advanced so the game was recorded.


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ok enough is enough of this.

Opponent kills my pokemon... yellow ? wi-fi box appears.

they are choosing a prize/ their clock is ticking down.

the box for the opponent time out pops up, it ticks down to 0... a second or 2 later I get DEFEAT...

and back to the ladder screen, chat still working... everything was fine.

I am getting fed up of this now, there is no reason that was a loss (i was in a strong position) either your servers are flawed, or there is a noew exploit.. either way, reward BOTH players for wins in this situation not penalise.

this is wasting my game time, as all this takes a good minute or so.

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Hey there!

I'm sorry for your frustration! That box is indicating an issue with your connection to the game server. This can occur if your connection drops for a brief second or even if you connection just slows beyond the acceptable limit for a time. We request that you check on your internet connection the next time you experience this.


Thanks for your understanding! :)

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