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Looking for SR Rare candies, lots to trade!


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Looking for 4 SR Rare Candies, I have the following for trade:


Mewtwo EX SR (Photon Wave)


Mewtwo EX (Shatter Shot)


Mega Mewtwo EX (Vanishing Strike)


Mega Gengar EX


Mega Aggron EX


Mega Latios EX


Mega Gallade EX



Glalie EX FA


Mega Glalie EX


Excadrill EX


Hawlucha EX


Kyurem EX FA (glaciate)


Regigigas EX


Tyranitar EX


Xerneas EX (promo)


Magnezone x2 (Magnetic Circuit)


Palkia (Legendary Shine Promo)


Zekrom (Legendary Shine Promo)


Latias (Legendary Shine Promo)


Black Kyurem (Legendary Shine Promo)


Regigigas (Legendary Shine Promo)


More stuff, check my for trades, ign: JermzTheLion

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