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[Standard] Lucario/Machamp - post your lists!


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14 Pokemon

3 Lucario EX
3 Machop

1 Machoke (trevenant is a card)
3 Machamp
2 Hawlucha
2 Landorus

*this is where I'd put my Shaymin EX....IF I HAD ONE*

34 Trainers

4 Korrina (maybe 3, but being able to get vs seeker, muscle band, rare candy, and whichever part of the machamp line i need, makes me feel like i want the full 4)

3 Rare Candy

2 Professor's Letter
2 Ultra Ball
3 VS Seeker
2 Birch (unless you have a convincing argument for Shauna)
2 Professor Sycamore
2 Switch
2 Lysander
4 Fighting Gym
4 Muscle Band


12 Energy
4 Strong Energy
8 Fighting Energy


This leaves a few spots open, i figured i'd devote them to a toolbox of sorts since it's so easy to get items w/ korina, i could run a bunch of 1-ofs. Enhanced Hammer, Focus Sash (for hawlucha, in a pinch), maybe even supporters (hex maniac, AZ, xerosic come to mind) maybe even healing items of some sort (not Super though because i REALLY can't afford to discard energy, a single turn of tempo loss usually is gg)

i could also drop a stadium or two but i find that it's super helpful in the matchups where it's live (hard to ever beat things like lugia without it) and in the matchups that dont run EX, i still need them to discard THEIR stadiums so ya.



So far I'd say the deck is pretty strong against most decks, but it's very vulnerable to disruption (head ringer reks me, trevenant reks me, regice hasn't beat me yet but it's stressful lol)


it seems to dumpster night march though which is a relief

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Here is my list, though I haven't use this deck in a while so it's not really updated. I think in this deck I actually used Machamp to fight with as well. 


You don't need Shaymin in a deck with Lucario IMO. I think you just use Corkscrew Punch as your draw support. I have a Lucky Helmet in the deck too, but I'm not sure it's really needed. What I tried to do was lead off with Lucario with a Lucky Helmet on him. Anyway, that's my list. Also the Energy Switch works really well in Fighting decks IMO. I liked to lead off with a Lucario with a Lucky Helmet with only 2 energy on him, then switch into something else and Energy Switch from Lucario onto whatever else was becoming active.


****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
Pokémon - 15
1 Hawlucha FFI 63
2 Landorus FFI 58
2 Lucario-EX FFI 54
4 Machop FFI 44
2 Machoke FFI 45
4 Machamp FFI 46
Trainer Cards - 31
3 Fighting Stadium FFI 90
1 Professor's Letter XY 123
1 Lysandre AOR 78
4 Korrina FFI 95
2 Shauna PHF 104
1 Lucky Helmet AOR 77
1 Focus Sash FFI 91
2 Energy Switch FFI 89
2 Level Ball AOR 76
2 Rare Candy PLB 85
1 Tierno PHF 107
2 Switch BCR 135
1 Energy Recycler AOR 72
2 Ultra Ball ROS 93
3 Muscle Band XY 121
1 Professor Sycamore PHF 101
2 VS Seeker PHF 109
Energy - 14
4 Strong Energy FFI 104
10 Fighting Energy
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