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[CARD] Strong Energy (Furious Fists #104) - Cannot put Special Energy on Pokémon


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Im sure this is the problem within the game programming itself. I cant put my strong energy to another pokemon other than fighting pokemon. This should be change cause sometimes i need to toss this energy away. If this is not in the rules, then the card shouldnt say anything about (discard this card if attached to other than fighting pokemon) . You should write like this (cannot attach on pokemon other than fighting pokemon) . 

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This is literally the first sentence in Strong Energy's effect description:


This card can only be attached to Fighting Pokémon.


That means the Pokémon has to be Fighting-type for you to be able to attach Strong Energy to it in the first place. That's how it's supposed to work, not a bug.


The last sentence about discarding it if it's not attached to a FIghting-type only applies when the Pokémon somehow loses its Fighting type; one of the most plausible examples is Golurk losing its Ability-based Fighting type to Hex Maniac.

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