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Deck Ideas?


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( Edit - Please take a look at post 2 to this topic if you're new and/or interested in some decent tech for this format. )


So I'm new to tcgo, I've only been playing on it for maybe 2 months now and I was wondering if the community on the forums can help me build a deck for the current Standard format (XY Base - XY Breakthrough) as of this post.


Keep in mind I'm not asking for a decklist, moreso just new deck ideas of what I can build given the cards I have. Please assume I have all the needed energy and trainers.

Decks Built So Far:


Vespiquen+Night March
Seismitoad-EX + Bats
Night March
Gourgeist Draw

Trevenent + Bats
Wobbuffet + Bats
Metagross Draw

Pure Haxorus
Metal Skyquaza



Notable Cards:

4 Ariados(AO)
4 Chesnaught(XY/BKT) w/BREAK
4 Shiftry(FF)
4 Vespiquen(AO)
4 Vileplume(AO)
4 Virizion(AO)
4 Delphox(XY)
4 Entei(AO-15)
4 Entei(AO-14)
4 Flareon(AO)
2 Ninetales(PC)
4 Pyroar(FF)
4 Pyroar(PhF)
4 Volcarona(AO)
1 Empoleon(BKT)
1 Manaphy(PC)
2 Milotic(PC)
4 Octillery(BKT)
4 Regice(AO)
4 Seismitoad-EX
4 Vaporeon(AO)
3 Dedenne(FuF)
3 Jolteon(AO)
4 Joltik(PhF)
4 Magnezone(BKT)
4 Raichu(XY) w/BREAK
4 Raikou(BKT)
3 Cresselia(BKT)
4 Crobat(PhF) w/line
4 Deoxys(RS)
4 Golurk(AO)
4 Gourgeist(PhF)

4 Dusknoir(FF)
2 Hoopa-EX
4 Lampent(PhF)
4 Pumpkaboo(PhF)

4 Trevenant(XY)
4 Unown(AO)
4 Wobbuffet(PhF)
4 Gallade(BKT)
2 Hawlucha(FuF)
2 Landorus(FuF)
4 Lucario-EX
4 Machamp(FuF)
4 Medicham(PC)
4 Mienshao(FuF)
4 Solrock(PC)
4 Sableye(AO)
3 Yveltal(XY)
4 Zoroark(BKT)
4 Aegislash-EX
4 Bronzong(PhF)
4 Excadrill(PC)
2 Heatran(PhF)
3 Jirachi(Promo)
4 Jirachi(RS)
4 Metagross(AO-50)
3 Aromatisse(XY)

4 Florges(BKT) w/BREAK
4 Florges-EX
2 Klefki(FuF)
4 Mr.Mime(BKT)
4 Slurpuff(PhF)
3 Togekiss(RS)
4 Whimsicott(AO)
4 Xerneas(XY)
3 Xerneas(BKT)
4 Xerneas-EX
4 Giratina-EX
4 Haxorus(BKT)
2 Hydreigon-EX
4 Reshiram(RS)
2 Altaria(RS)
4 Bunnelby(PC)
4 Dodrio(BKT)
2 Kangaskhan-EX
2 Lugia-EX
4 Rayquaza-EX(colorless) w/mega
4 Miltank(FF)
2 Shaymin-EX
4 Smeargle(BKT)


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( Edit - I realized this post kinda warrants it's own post, but I like having all this information in one place. It's relevant to have this here as the original post as it helps with deck building. )


On a side note I kinda wanted to make a list of some tech/splashable pokemon and "staple" trainers that I've noticed help in specific matchups. Though obvious to veteran players, this might help out some newer players like myself. Keep in mind that all cards mentioned are standard and are cards I either have or have encountered.




Ninetales(Primal Clash): Locking Stadiums can help against decks that reply on them like sky field, dimension valley or fighting stadium among others, but can also help you in such a way that you play your stadium first and make it so your opponent can't play one over it.


Empoleon(Breakthrough): Nice Archie's target for EX decks. Can help with the numbers game to get quicker knock outs. Seismitoad instantly came to mind.


Octillery(Breakthrough): Yet another great Archie's target, though it doesn't have to be. Easily searchable (level ball or dive ball).


Regice(Ancient Origins): Up there when it comes to best Anti-EX pokemon in the format. If you're looking for more pokemon to add to your deck it might be worth splash some water/rainbow energy just for this thing.


Seismitoad-EX(Furious Fists): Though it could be the main attacker of a decck, this could also be a tech. Attacks for colorless energy and item locks, which is a big deal this format with so many Night March and Vespiquen running around. Being an EX and Water-type makes it easily searchable.


Dedenne(Furious Fists): This card used to be a lot better than it is now, as with a muscle band, it can knock out a Yveltal-EX if it has 4 energy on it. Same goes for Lugia-EX. At worst it can help search out some basics, thought it was worth mentioning.


Banette(Roaring Skies): Focus Sash is annoying. Float Stone can be annoying as well depending on the deck. Mega Pokemon have to end the turn. So yeah, it does stuff.


Gallade(Breakthrough): Decent Maxie's target and can attack with a DCE relatively hard.


Zoroark(Breakthrough): Very similar to the Keldeo-EX that was the main attacker of the old Blastoise/Keldeo deck. It can help get a pokemon out of the active as well as the added benefit of attacking with a DCE.


Aegislash-EX(Phantom Forces): Better with Metal Energy to back it up, but can be ran in any deck as it attacks for colorless. Great against decks like Giratina-EX, Night March, or Vespiquen that rely on special energy. Can force an answer which is always a good thing.


Jirachi(Black Star Promo): Similar to Aegislash-EX, but with different pros and cons. Very Splashable.


Mr.Mime(Breakthrough): Not really relevant at the moment, but still splashable nonetheless. Protecting low HP pokemon on the bench can be helpful. (I'm looking at you Joltik)


Slurpuff(Phantom Forces): Great pokemon draw for decks looking for something like that and even better with a float stone attached.


Bunnelby(Primal Clash): A nice little one-of that can help recycle hard-to-recycle resources like special energy. You'll see this a lot in very fast, item based decks. Don't forget that it can always be super rod'ed back in.


Lugia-EX(Ancient Origins): Ever wanted a Yveltal-EX that could attack with a DCE? Well, here ya' go. Also has an added plus of being able to get rid of annoying stadiums. Great utility card.


Shaymin-EX(Roaring Skies): ... is this even a tech? You'll see this in literally every deck of anyone that owns it. Usually comes solo or in a pair and comes out after Ultra Ball or Ultra Ball then Hoopa-EX. Careful though, this is HUGE Lysandre bait. ...but for that extra draw, who really cares?





Assault Vest: Helps throw off Vespiquen's (and to a lesser extent Night March's) numbers, in some occasions forcing them to do something they don't want to do like miss a knock out or draw more cards for an answer.


Enhanced Hammer: Can be a debatable staple as it's in most decks, but for good reason. Teching 1-2 of these really helps against any deck that relies on special energy, notably DDE and DCE. A lot of decks run DCE...


Faded Town: Good counter stadium to help ensure knock outs against megas.


Hex Maniac: Similar to Enhanced Hammer, it's debatable whether or not to even call this a staple at this point. With so many Shaymin running around and how some decks just lose to things like Vileplume or Pyroar, it's good to run at least a copy of this.


Judge: Messes with Metagross and Gourgeist as well as Night March and Vespiquen decks. Let's not also forget that it can be used on your first turn if the opponent had done a lot of searching for their next turn.


Mountain Ring: Decent counter stadium if anything that does bench damage ever becomes meta. (none at the moment)


Paint Roller: If you don't want to run 4 counter stadiums, you can always run of mix of them with this card.


Parallel City: Definitely one of the better counter stadiums. Best used to cut down a full bench and helps out against decks that rely sky field. Can also be used to mess with Vespiquen's numbers.


Red Card: Very similar to judge. Both have their pros and cons and really comes down to either personal preference or deck type.


Silent Lab: Another one of the better counter stadiums. Shuts off EXs (namely Shaymin, Giratina, Hydregion, and Aegislash to name a few) as well as little things that hide on the bench like Unown.


Startling Megaphone: I can't begin to tell you all the decks that run either: Lucky Helmet, Muscle Band, Float Stone, Focus Sash. Run one of these, it's good.


Xerosic: This can be used in item lock decks or against item lock decks or just anything supporter heavy as an alternative to Enhanced Hammer or Startling Megaphone (both of which are items).


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