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Deck Manager New Animation Suggestions!


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I've noticed that Deck Manager doesn't have any animations. It's pretty boring to go through and get your cards to make a deck. I'm hoping you implement the following:


* When you go to deck manager there should be an animation showing a hand opening a shoe box and the deck boxes inside. If this is too difficult, any kind of explosion that shakes the screen is OK.


* When you mouse over a deck, that deck should take up 80% of the screen. Certainly it should be big enough to cover anything else you might want to see.


* When you select a deck to edit, there should be an animation that shows cards flying everywhere. Or maybe a buzz saw ripping through it. Screen shaking should be done here too.


* When you're editing your deck, have random cards poke up suggesting they should be removed. It doesn't matter if the card is key to the deck or not. Any random one will do. I find during the game these "poke up" suggestions are not at all distracting. I just pick on the "jumpy" card anyway and usually a cool animation comes up. Sure I probably didn't want to play that escape rope when none of my bench pokemon have energy, but who cares?


* When you remove a card, have a pokemon come over & rip it up. Machamp would be perfect. You could show his muscly arms. For adding a card, Pikachu brings it and says "Pika Pi". EVERYONE LOVES PIKACHU! Also more screen shaking here too.


* When saving the deck, don't make the name text box clear. Leave it where it is. I love trying to choose between New Deck4 and New Deck9. Also have an animation for saving the deck. Here's my idea. Team Rocket shows up and goes through their entire motto "To protect the world from devastation...". Then they steal the deck. But Ash shows up & summons Pikachu who can't fight because the balloon is lightning proof. Then Ash summons squirtle who blasts a hole in their balloon with Hydro Pump and of course they say "Team Rocket -- blasting off again!" That should happen every time I save a deck.



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As this thread is not constructive, I'll be closing it. Please note that creating threads which do not provide any constructive content takes away from the time we have to respond to serious threads. Thanks for your understanding!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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