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Mew Jadester's Trades

Mew Jadester

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2x Yanmega Prime


2x Magnezone Prime


2x Donphan Prime


3x Typhlosion Prime


1x Kingdra Prime


1x Zekrom


4x Reshiram


3x Cinccino BW


2x Zoroark BW


3x Yanma


3x Oddish


1x Gloom


1x Vileplume


1x Reunculus


1x Pichu


1x Cleffa


2x Pokemon Collector


3x Pokemon Communication HGSS


3x Rare Candy


4x Sage Training


1x Judge


2x Junk Arm




3x Revive


1x Double Colorless Energy


1x Rainbow Energy






Just ask!




Cheers :)


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