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[MAC] Login - Unable to Connect to Pokemon Online


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I'm not sure what the problem is exactly. I'm new to Pokemon and was told to join Pokemon online. When I downloaded it onto my computer, I made a new account and everything. I put in my username and password and after I pressed the button to sign in, it gave me an error response saying to try again in a minute. I tried multiple times after this and there was still the same error message. Is there something wrong with the servers? I know I'm not the only one experiencing this. I couple friends tried to do the same thing on their computers and received the same error response. Help?

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Hello, and sorry for the delayed response!


Are you still experiencing this? If so, it may be due to a port forwarding issue.


The Pokémon TCG Online has four ports that need to be opened for the game to function properly: 39389, 8181, 5222 and 6967. 6967 is the "gateway" port that the client connects to momentarily to get information on which connection servers are available and their IP addresses. 8181 is the port that client makes a dedicated connection to in order to play the game. 5222 is for connection to the chat server. If you do not know how to check if these ports are open, we recommend using your preferred search engine to search for "(Name of router/modem) port forwarding".
If asked if the ports are to be configured as UDP or TCP, select both.
If that doesn't help, please make sure you have a strong, steady internet connection that it capable of maintaining a connection to the game servers.
Thanks for your patience, and I hope this was helpful. :)
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