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Mega Manectric / Hoopa Attack


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My Mega Mewtwo deck has gotten me thinking of ways to beat Mega Mewtwo, so one idea I'm trying is a Hoopa-EX attack deck. It's basically a Mega Manectric deck that runs 2 Hoopa-EX, along with 2 of the new Raichu, and Wide Lens, so its really a bench attack deck I guess.


The idea is to start with Manectric and Ultra Ball for Hoopa, as usual, and then put Psychic energy into the discard pile and quickly evolve into Mega Manectric and get Hoopa full loaded with a Wide Lens. 


If you can do it fast enough then you can OHKO regular Mewtwos on the bench before they evolve. If not then with a Muscle Band you can OHKO Mega Mewtwo in the active spot using Hoopa.


With Raichu and wide lense you can hit all Lightning Weak pokemon for 100 damage at a time, which means Shaymin in particular. Against an M Ray deck that doesn't have Alteria out this could be really devastating. You could either Lysander Alteria and hit it with Mega Manectric or just hit it with Hoopa as well.


I dunno, its probably not a great deck, but it is fun attacking with Hoopa :P



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