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So I am looking for wants paying RS pack per 5 for my collection


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Here is the deal




Paying 1 Roaring Skies pack for ANY (pokemon, trainers, energies)  5 tagged  wants, no doubles.





To check my wants follow these steps


1. Friend me by typing my name in friend request tab on the top right


2. Create a private trade 


3. On the side where you offer click "Filters" once there you can check wants box and uncheck the "for trade" box in case you forgot to tag any tradable cards that you might have


I have tagged over 2000 cards so there should be plenty of commons/uncommons to choose from. Although the majority is scattered around the older sets




Alright send me some offers, remember that if i don't accept it might be i already have that card from another trade, and I will update my binder with each trade so it should be easier.


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