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Best theme deck?


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Hello, Im really new in this game and I wanted to buy a themed deck and some booster packs but I dont know what theme deck to buy, In the online game I only have the Primal Clash Ocean's Core and I didn't liked it, what would you recommend?

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Iron Tide has Regice, Metagross, and Registeel.

Regice has a lot of potential with being able to shut down opposing EX pokemon, and is a good start to to your collection (or padding the current one as the case may be)


I personally love Ocean's Core - Kyogre, Whiscash, and Walrein do excellent jobs at cleaning up a lot. 

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Check --> Best XY theme deck?!


There's plenty of info in this thread. Unfortunately it's not updated until last Break Through decks because some people boycotted the thread some time ago. Anyway you have a huge amount of info and opinions in the thread.


Fast tips:

1- Dark Hammer

2- Iron Tide

3-  Destruction Rush


They're quite good as Theme decks.

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There are two different things to consider. 1) The theme deck that works the best as a theme deck. 2) The theme deck that has the best cards you might want to use to build custom decks.


Which one are you interested in?


First decide what kind of deck you want to build, then look to see if there are theme decks that will help you do that. 


Generally, Dark Hammer has some good cards in it with Korrina, Landorus, and Machamp if you want to make fighting decks. I bought two of these decks just for the Landorus and Machamp.


Also, the new Break theme deck with Noivern has some great cards. I just bought two of those also for the Zoroark and Gengar.


As others have said, Iron Tide has some good pokemon as well.


Also look at the Trainers. I bought a lot fo theme decks just for the trainers.

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